Get a Modern Wood Wall Paneling Look With Reclaimed Wood for Commercial Spaces

June 15, 2020

Wall paneling is an easy, yet sophisticated way to add interest and dimension to a space. Taking it a step further and using reclaimed wood wall paneling is a surefire way to make your modern commercial space stand out.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber understands that finding the perfect reclaimed wood solution for your wood wall paneling project can be overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to showcase some examples of great wood wall paneling design, to show you how using reclaimed wood is a great choice for achieving the perfect, unique look you are going for.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been recycled for reuse from old buildings, versus new wood that has recently been harvested. This often gives the wood more character and charm over using new wood.

Reclaimed wood is warm, versatile with many different styles, and full to the brim with history and a story to tell. It offers less of an environmental impact than using new wood or another building material because it does not rely on new cut trees. Since it isn’t manufactured, it also leaves out all the chemicals and VOCs that can come with other materials.

Reclaimed wood is readied for use during a multi-step process to transform it. After it is salvaged, it is denailed and given a thorough, deep-surface cleaning with a high-pressure washer to remove all dirt and debris. Then, it is rough-milled to uniform its thickness and kiln-dried to repair it from years of exposure to the elements.

The wood is then planed, sized, molded and finished to be used in your commercial building project. The grain of reclaimed wood is denser, making it sturdier and more durable for a long-lasting material you can count on.

Vermont Moonlight Medley

Restaurant dining room utilizing reclaimed hardwood.

Reclaimed Hardwoods wood, a domestic hardwood of medium strength, is one of the most frequently sought out wood species for use in commercial properties because it is rich, warm and instantly enhances any room that is installed in. You can leave it natural with its red tone or give it a stain as it is easy to work with.

Cherry wood will grow darker with age as it is exposed to sunlight streaming through your windows and humidity from summers, eventually deepening it into a rich, orange-red color. The wood is straight throughout with an even grain, giving the wood a subtle, unique character and a beautiful finish.

Using cherry wood as wall paneling on both short sections of wall beneath windows and on taller sections framing doorways makes this material a versatile selection. You can even use cherry wood wall paneling in vertical application on columns located in the middle of any room or on the ceiling to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Traditional Cherry American paneling provides the subtle character and charm of the classic hardwood. It is milled and finished to the highest standard. You can try a sample here.

Oak Wall Paneling

Interior use of oak reclaimed wood wall paneling.

Oak is a mainstay material that’s been widely used throughout history as a cornerstone wood for almost any application imaginable. Oak is warm and rich in color, with a depth and grain that instantly livens up a cold room and invites people in. You can use Antique Oak to blend into a room and complement decor or use Brownstone White Oak with cross-grain to stand out.

You can use oak as a full-wall panel or use it as an accent. You can install wood on any flat surface like the front wall of an outdoor bar, a mantel wall over a lobby fireplace or a wall cubicle divider in an open office setting.

You can go contemporary or rustic with reclaimed wood. No matter what style you are looking for, Elmwood Reclaimed Oak paneling has a design for you: Reclaimed Oak Wood Paneling, American White Oak Wood Paneling or European White Oak Wood Paneling.

Multi-Colored Wall Paneling

Colored wood wall panel backsplash.

Whether you want drama or subtlety, colored wall paneling is a great design element to consider. Many commercials spaces from hotels to restaurants need something that will make an impact as soon as a guest walks through the door. It can be tough to balance impact with a design that’s also subtle enough not to overtake the brand.

Colorful wood paneling takes the hardship out of the equation. It has enough variation and pizazz to be eye-catching, but it is warm and welcoming at the same time to create the perfect backdrop for your logo.

Throwing in a couple of contrasting colors into a wall panel design is an easy way to shake up a room. This design makes the darker areas stand out to draw and hold the eye better. Or you can set multi-colored panels at different dimensions to create a shadow effect that creates a whimsical illusion.

Pine Paneling

Elmwood Heart Pine Paneling used for a bar shelf backsplash.

Pine paneling is available in several rich colors as well as styles. Used alone or with other wood products through a room, it can enhance the appearance of any space. Elmwood Heart Pine has a gorgeous, rustic color, a light white option and many shades in between.

You can use pine as an accent space to offset displays, a shelf backing for a bookcase or bar shelf for better lighting, a doorway frame, or even an entire wall for a cozy feel.

Get a Modern Wall With Reclaimed Wood

With the right materials and experts leading you through the process from start to finish, creating a modern wall with reclaimed wood paneling can be a breeze. Check out Elmwood’s wood paneling offer and request a quote today to get started in designing your next project with reclaimed wood.

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