7 Tips For Decorating With Dark Wood Wall Paneling

March 21, 2019

Wood wall panels add a lot of character and interest to a room. Whether you use them as an accent or as the wall covering for the entire space, real wood panels can elevate your interior design game. There are many types of wood paneling to choose from, ranging from very light whitewashed options to rustic reclaimed wood planks. No matter your interior design style, we have a real wood wall plank to match!

Dark wood wall panels can add even more depth and interest to your home decor. The key is to use them in the right way to keep an area from becoming too dark or too overwhelmed by the dark brown wood. The idea is to have the wood grain complement the space, rather than overtake it.

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Dark Wood Wall Paneling Tips

Dark wood wall panels can elevate the look of your interior in a variety of ways. From accent walls in a family room to unique backsplashes in a bar area, wood wall panels are a wall decoration that can be added to both residential and commercial spaces. If you like the idea of using dark wood wall panels as wall decoration in your home, consider these tips and room ideas to help make the wood grain statement you’re after.

1. Include Natural Light

dark wood wall panels with natural light

Dark wood wall panels are a natural complement to a room or hallway filled with natural light. The dark wood helps balance the light and helps cut down on glare while the natural light helps prevent the dark wood from overpowering the area. If you don’t have a lot of natural light already in the room, using mirrors or glass doors to bring light in from other areas can help.

2. Break It Up

dark wall panels

A lot of dark wood all at once can be a little overwhelming. Breaking the dark brown wood panels up with another color, or another texture or surface can help. This wood wall decor makes a dramatic statement, while the inset white panel adds contrast that sets the wood planks off nicely.

3. Create an Accent

wood wall panel accent wall

You don’t need to cover every inch of every wall in a space to get the look of wood wall panels. Sometimes an accent wall is all that’s necessary to get the look you’re after. This accent wall draws the eye and then holds it by first contrasting the other materials in the room, and then angling the wood planks to better focus the eye on them.

4. Light It Up

dark wood wall panels with lighting

If you lack natural light in the space, it’s perfectly fine to use artificial lighting as well. Including lots of light in the room will brighten the dark wood paneled walls and show them off beautifully. This space uses multiple light sources, including some positioned right on the wood panels to keep the room bright, while letting the dark wood bring some depth and interest to the area.

5. Add Some Color

dark wood wall paneling

Another way to break up a lot of dark wood and keep it from overwhelming a space is to add a little color to the design. This logo stands out well against all the dark wood in the hallway. It’s also a different texture and style than the wood. Contrast like this is important in interior design, otherwise the effect gets lost to the homogenization of the area. In this case, the texture of the dark wood wall panels gets to stand out better against the smooth wood doors and bold colored letters.

6. Texture Contrast

rustic wood wall paneling

Dark wood wall panels come in many different styles and shades. This barn wood paneling makes a very sharp contrast against the sleeker bar, patterned flooring, and the large picture window nearby. Because it’s the only rustic material in the area, it pops against the other surfaces, drawing and holding the eye. This in turn makes the bar area the focal point of the room.

7. Step It Off

dark wood wall panel as an accent

Sometimes when using a dark wood wall panel as a wall art accent, it can add a little too much contrast to a room for the design to be truly cohesive. In this case, the same wood panels have been added to a nearby pole. This brings the wood wall decoration off the wall and into the room itself, which creates that cohesive look that blends the different elements of the room together and unifies the design.

Incorporate Some Dark Wood Wall Paneling Into Your Space

Dark wood wall panels have interest, depth, and character, which can really elevate any plain white walls in your interior design. Whether you’re looking for an accent wall in your living room or a way to make a statement in your home office, consider using some dark wood paneling on the walls to achieve your goals. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber carries a variety of wood paneling products that are crafted for easy diy home improvements or professional installation. Browse our wood paneling products today, and when you find one you like, please contact us with any questions you may have!

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