Design Ideas That Show Why Dark Wide Plank Flooring is an Instant Classic

December 6, 2017

There are several ways to achieve a dark wide plank floor, from the wood species to the color of the stains used. Hardwood flooring has been used for centuries in homes and spaces where people congregate, making it a truly timeless material that is not only familiar but durable enough to last for generations. Throughout the life of a wide plank floor the color tone will naturally become darker and more rich through oxidation and use. As this natural process of the wood becoming darker over time is a long process, most people don’t want to wait for decades for those results.

Wide plank flooring that is dark in color can enhance the design style and be a dramatic element of an interior design. Whether it’s used in a home improvement project or commercial space, hardwood floors add an elegant and distinctive look and feel. When it comes to choosing a species or type of wood for a dark wood floor there are many ways to go about it. Woods like walnut and cherry are inherently dark and are great choices that can be finished with a clear coat or enhanced by a stain to achieve an even deeper look. Almost any sustainable or reclaimed wood can be stained with traditional colors to enhance the depth and tone of the hardwood floor and darken the look.

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Another popular option today is using a reactive stain. Reactive stains interact with the tannins and inherent properties of hardwood flooring to create a more natural look with added color variation and tones being achieved.

While dark hardwood floors look great there are a few possible drawbacks and things to avoid. Small spaces can become even smaller when a dark wood floor is used, which may not be the desired effect. Dark hardwood flooring can and will show dirt and dust more than a lighter color tone and will need to be kept clean to look their best. Another consideration is that scratches and dents will be more apparent, so if you have large dogs or are hard on your floors be prepared for some wear and tear.

Dark Wide Plank Flooring Design Ideas

Dark wide plank hardwood flooring works well with a variety of design styles from traditional elegance to rustic and modern looks. Whether you are creating a space that is more traditional and mixes a variety of color platelets or a more minimal decor, dark wood floors are versatile and provide lots of options. Explore some of our design ideas to get some inspiration for incorporating this solid wood flooring into your space!

Dark Wide Plank Flooring

Walnut with Chocolate Color Tones

Walnut is a common wood choice that pairs well with darker stains and tones. This wood species is known for having a darker undertone in its natural state, and is commonly thought of in a rich chocolate hue. Walnut is a great wood choice for creating an air of luxury and formality. This dark wood floor would be best suited for a formal dining room or even an office. Wherever it’s installed, these solid hardwood floors will also have a higher durability than other wood species. You’ll be able to enjoy these wood planks for years to come when you choose this flooring type for your next home remodel project!

Add Unique Character with Rustic Reclaimed Oak

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

There are many types of wood species to choose from when considering a dark wood floor, but there are also other characteristics to consider for your floor as well. Choosing a reclaimed oak floor rather than a wood floor from newly sawn wood adds one-of-a-kind character to your floor. Reclaimed wood planks feature characteristics such as nail holes, checking and natural weathering that come from the years of use in previous structures. This will make your dark wood floor stand out from the rest. 

Antique Oak Flooring Stained to a Darker Color

Dark Antique Oak Flooring

Stains can be used on lighter woods like pine, white oak, ash and elm to achieve a darker look in a wide variety of color tones. While there are floors that are available in predetermined colors it is always possible to mix and match woods and stains to develop a custom look for any space. This antique oak flooring takes on a rich chocolate stain with red undertones. 

Old Rafter Reclaimed Rustic Oak

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Reclaimed rustic grade oak is enhanced with a dark stain to create a more consistent color tone while retaining the rustic character inherent in rustic grade oak flooring. The dark brown hues of this wood flooring product is sure to shine in your living room or dining room. These planks are reclaimed from rural structures around the United States and have both an enduring beauty and durability. 

Smoke House Reclaimed Antique Grade Oak

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Smooth surface reclaimed oak flooring is made more consistent and darker using a reactive stain. Any color variation adds to the natural reclaimed feel of the floor and keeps it visually interesting throughout the interior design. 

Pepper Reclaimed Antique Elm

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

A rare wood indeed, the espresso tone of this reclaimed antique elm is almost black when enhanced with a very dark reactive stain that shows off the long straight grain pattern of the wood. This unique wood flooring option is a sophisticated choice for both homeowners and business owners. The nearly black stain brings style and elegance into any interior space that never goes out of style!

Dark Chocolate Rustic Grade Walnut

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Already a dark floor, rustic walnut is enhanced with a slightly darker color tone to add depth and a little more consistency than its counterpart clear finished rustic walnut. Rustic grade walnut features a deep, rich color with hints of the original mill marks. This wood plank has a straight grain pattern and a coarse and uniform texture. Walnut has an array of beautiful undertones that make it a great choice for any interior design style, from modern to contemporary. 

Traditional Walnut with a Clear Finish

Dark Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Always a popular choice, traditional walnut is finished with a clear oil and has all of the characteristics that makes walnut so great. Prized for its rich color and beauty, walnut is a true classic. Walnut flooring is a timeless choice for homeowners and the clear stain helps to show off the beauty of the natural wood. 

Finding a Dark Wide Plank Wood Floor

With many choices available as well as limitless custom options, dark wide plank wood flooring is a staple of design, and a great choice for many spaces from modern to traditional to rustic and everything in between. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber has many options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect dark wood floor for your interior, whether it’s for a home improvement project or commercial property. Contact us to learn more about our dark wood flooring options. 

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