5 Design Ideas Using Commercial Reclaimed Wood Flooring

May 23, 2019

Flooring is arguably one of the most important parts of any space, including commercial spaces. The flooring needs to be able to handle a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. It also needs to match or complement the brand of business, and it needs to maintain its good looks and style no matter how many people walk across it on a given day.

For these reasons, wood is one of the most universally beloved materials for floors. Wood products have depth, warmth, and imparts a natural ambiance that is especially important in commercial projects. Studies have shown that utilizing wood products in commercial spaces helps to lower stress and improve the happiness of the people who work there. Using hardwood flooring can be one way to help achieve that goal, while providing the one-of-a-kind style and durability that the space also needs. 

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And while new cut wood is capable of delivering these attributes, reclaimed and antique wood can offer even more. Reclaimed wood is just as versatile and durable as new cut wood, but with additional benefits that can enhance any setting.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been in use before. It’s taken from old barns and buildings dating back prior to the 1930s, cleaned, milled, and given new life in modern use. Reclaimed wood can be rustic or contemporary in appearance, it may show some of the patina and character of its previous use, or it may even be made of wood species which are no longer in use, such as elm. Choosing wide plank flooring ensures that your space has a more modern, contemporary feel. 

Because reclaimed barn wood is using material that already exists, it’s considered a greener, more environmentally friendly product than new cut wood. This is a bonus for commercial spaces whose brand can be enhanced by the use of eco-friendly material.

Like new cut wood, reclaimed wood is durable and versatile. It has decades of use left in it, and it can be used in a variety of spaces, including commercial flooring and other office furniture. A reclaimed wood floor often has more character and interest than a new cut wood floor, and can give an establishment a naturally rustic look or some added dimension that’s difficult to find in a new cut floor. It can enhance the look and style of space, while still holding up to the use it’s given on a daily basis.

5 Ways to Use Commercial Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One reason that wood flooring is so popular is its ability to take on so many different styles. Rustic hardwood flooring, hand scraped hardwood floors, and sanded hardwood floors are all extremely popular right now, particularly in commercial settings where they can set the stage for the rest of the room’s design. Reclaimed wood is able to capture many of these styles naturally, showing off the saw marks, nail holes, and other wear and patina that the wood developed over time. This makes it a natural fit for many styles of spaces.

If you’re wondering how reclaimed wood flooring would fit into your commercial space, take a look at these four styles.

1. Rustic Oak

reclaimed oak commercial flooring

This rustic oak floor is in a unique position within the room it’s installed in. It’s bordered by carpet on two sides, and when standing on this section of hardwood flooring, it’s possible to take in a beautiful view of the ocean beyond. So, the barn wood floor needs to be able to complement the natural view, while also adding some depth and contrast to the carpet.

The rustic oak flooring shows off its original saw marks, as well as a rich patina that varies over the surface. This gives the floor a lot of depth and personality, so the space can become a focal point within the room.

2. Varying Widths

reclaimed restaurant flooring

This restaurant already uses a lot of hardwood in its design. The chairs, barstools, and accents are all a dark shade of wood that matches the darkest patina in the flooring. To help add even more interest and character to the floor, the planks are a varying widths. Combined with the variation in color, this makes the floor interesting and a natural contrast to the smooth, dark finish of the wood used elsewhere in the room.

3. Light Colored Flooring

commercial flooring reclaimed wood

When most people consider a wood floor, they’re usually thinking of something honey colored or darker, maybe with a gloss or sheen. But wood floors can take on many different colors and styles. This antique white oak floor has been sanded down to a smooth finish that lets the true color of the wood show through. It has not been given a high gloss top coat, so the floor has a more subtle, muted appearance that can become a backdrop to a light-filled room like this one.

4. Matching Wood Tones

reclaimed wood store floors

If you have other wood in the space, sometimes using matching wood flooring can create a harmonious and cohesive look. In this space, the light, antique oak is an ideal match for the wood table tops. This creates a very subtle look for the room, as well as a cohesive look that matches the shop’s brand.

5. Heart Pine Flooring

reclaimed wood store floors
The antique heart pine flooring is right at home in this antique store in Houston, TX. This store displays items from the past with a long history, and the reclaimed heart pine floors are no exception! This wide plank hardwood is a great foundation for showing off the items that are for sale. Every detail creates a cohesive design for this retail space that is welcoming and enjoyable for customers. 

Update Your Space With Commercial Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood floors have depth and interest that can elevate the style of any commercial setting. If you’re considering a new floor for your space, give wide plank reclaimed wood flooring a look to capture this unique material and look for yourself. If you need help navigating the many choices of reclaimed wood products, contact the team of experts at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. We have years of experience in the field!

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