7 Retail Space Design Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

May 2, 2019

A happy customer is one who will come back again and again, and hopefully tell all their friends. First impressions are a must and you only have one chance to make a good one. Retail spaces have to do more than simply hold your goods on display. They also have to create an ambiance and a feeling that will make people want to approach your retail store. In addition, it’s generally helpful to have a setting that matches your brand identity, is easy to maintain, and that allows for customization of displays and store layout. When someone visits a retail store they are highly likely to size things up pretty quickly and a lot of times make their decisions based on the feelings they get from their first impressions.

There are a lot of factors that go into what the customers first impression will be, from how organized and clean the store is to what type of interior design and even the materials used in the design. While there are many different ways to organize and design a retail interior, utilizing unique features is sure to attract attention to your storefront and impress visitors.

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Adding features that are warm and organic is a way to break up the store layout, making the customer experience calming and enjoyable. Reclaimed woods in commercial design add a lot of depth to the store design as well as providing a visual story of their past uses. There are lots of times when a small feature placed in the right location will be extremely dramatic and add just the right look. In other cases, when used well a floor, full walls or a ceiling treatment can set the tone for the entire store layout providing an anchor within the overall interior design that will set the tone for everything else.

Why Reclaimed Wood

Wood has a warm appearance that evokes the sense of nature. Studies have even shown that wood used in interior spaces has a direct impact on a person’s mood. Wood may make a person happier and it may also reduce overall stress. When wood is used in retail shops it may increase the impulse purchases and spending habits of the shopper due to the increase in happiness they feel during the store experience. It may also reduce employee stress.

Using reclaimed wood can also make a difference outside of your retail space. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used before, so it’s more eco-friendly than new cut wood, and can provide additional benefits to a retailer’s brand identity. This sends a positive message to your shoppers, particularly in a time when so many people are beginning to make more eco-friendly choices.

Finally, reclaimed wood has a lot of personality and character. Many pieces show the original wear marks, patina, saw marks, and nail holes from its prior use. This brings interest and depth to your retail store design, whether you’re using the wood as an accent or throughout your retail interior.

7 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood In Your Retail Space Design

Retail stores may seem like fairly simple, straightforward jobs, but they’re often more complicated than residential or commercial office designs. Retail spaces have very specific needs because they’re interacted with by the public on a frequent basis. Therefore, everything from the floor plan of the showroom to the materials used needs to make it easier for customers to navigate and shop as well as for the space to gain as much brand recognition as possible.

Reclaimed wood is just as versatile, long wearing, and beautiful as new cut wood. It can therefore be used in many of the same places as new cut wood, from floors to ceilings to shelving. In retail spaces, it can take on many different uses and personas that can help your space function, attract clientele, and complete your brand.

Check out these 7 designs to help gain inspiration and ideas for how reclaimed wood may function in your retail space.

1. Countertops

Most retail spaces use countertop space in some fashion. Maybe it’s to display your goods in a clothing store, or maybe it’s just at the checkout counter. By using reclaimed wood in this space, you create a warm, inviting area to draw people to. Wood also wears well in these areas, and creates a beautiful backdrop for anything you display there. With the many shades and wood species available, it’s also possible to complement many different decor and color schemes this way.

2. Ceiling Accent

The ceiling is more than the 5th wall, it’s also a big part of the ambiance of your space. Wood beam accents can help soften and surround harsh fluorescent lights, helping to create the right mood for your establishment. They can also help you create the look you want, whether that’s something contemporary or something more traditional with a faux box beam. Having a wood ceiling accent won’t make this area the focal point of the room, but it will help create a quiet backdrop for the rest of your design.

3. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Flooring is incredibly important to a retail establishment, especially one that deals with high foot traffic. The floor needs to be fairly easy to care for, able to handle a lot of daily foot traffic in all kinds of weather, and it needs to complement its surroundings.

When authenticity matters few materials get the results like antique reclaimed wood flooring. Combining true aged patina and character marks left behind by decades of use these woods have a story all their own, not to mention an environmental tale to tell. Reclaimed wood floors have a naturally rustic look that can complement a lot of brands and surroundings. And their soft, warm patina instantly creates a welcoming retail experience for anyone that visits.

4. Wall Panel Accents

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and loves a good story. There is just something about reclaimed rustic woods that perfectly showcases the luxury athletic apparel in this chic store. When you’re hanging a lot of your displays on the walls, sometimes it helps to show them off by creating a framed accent. Reclaimed wood wall panels make this simple. The dark wood sets off the inset display areas perfectly, so they stand out in contrast. The wood also has a lot of character all its own that sets up the personality for the department store, and draws the eye, which conveniently brings the viewer straight to the displays.

5. Entryway

It’s important to never overlook the entryway to your establishment. The entrance to the store is arguably one of the most important parts of the design. This is particularly true if the store is part of a shopping center, plaza, or mall where multiple stores are grouped together. The store needs to be eye-catching to get the attention of anyone passing by in order to maximize foot traffic, and this is done partially through window displays, and also through the appearance of the entrance.

This entryway is created with reclaimed hand-hewn beams, which contrast the sleek plate glass on either side. The beams have enough interest and character to hold the eye long enough for a shopper to catch more than a glimpse of what’s beyond them as well. Keep the threshold flat and easy to enter. Make sure the doors are wide enough to encourage pass-through, and that the materials you use on the entrance are eye-catching, to pull people in.

6. Small Details

Not all elements need to be complicated or expensive. Adding a few simple touches like these reclaimed wooden planks to create hangers for jeans, pants and various apparel is a great way to incorporate small rustic elements that make a statement in your retail store design.

With tons of choices available to customers it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Adding special elements and fixtures to retail stores is a unique way to set yourself apart. Whether it is a display or a permanent functioning part of the visual merchandising, adding elements that will be remembered can help in standing out. Antique lumber provides a base material with character and can be painted or left natural depending on the desired results.

7. Store Signage

Branding is crucial with retail spaces, and it will mean that every inch of the space needs to coordinate with that store’s brand. This includes making sure that the logo is part of the design, but it often goes deeper than that. When promoting your brand it is important to stand out from the competition. Traditional walnut lends a dark rich backdrop to this store entrance and creates a modern and organic feel that carries through the space.

Create a Better Retail Design with Reclaimed Wood From Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed wood products are not only as durable and versatile as new cut wood, it has an added layer of character that brings ambiance and charm to your establishment. Consider designing your retail space around reclaimed wood to reap these benefits for your space.

While interior design may not change too much from space to space, retail design does have an added layer of considerations that are necessary for the success of the store. Make sure that you’re designing with these considerations in mind to ensure that you’re making the most out of every retail space interior. If you’re not interested in designing your own retail space, consider using an interior designer or design firm to assist you in planning your retail design

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