Choosing The Best Wide Plank Wood Flooring

June 2, 2022

How do you choose the best wide plank wood flooring for your project? With many great options available, it can become a little overwhelming. The first step to a high quality wide plank wood floor is the source from which the wood originates. There are several key steps that a reputable company will take to ensure that the wide planks are stable and suitable for wide widths. The main sources for beautiful high quality wide plank flooring come from reclaimed structures, imported European woods, and native American forests. Each of these sources has their own unique characteristics that make them great options for your next project.

Wide Plank Barn Wood Flooring

The Old Wood that Live to Tell another Story

Wide Plank reclaimed wood flooring is often sourced from majestic American Barns is a natural choice when it comes to creating a one of a kind look with a beautiful story to tell. The old growth lumber that was used in these structures grew in a slow natural setting that created tight growth rings and extreme durability on the wood’s surface. The planks can be sawn from large beams and produce a clean bright surface or the planks can utilize the exterior of lumber and retain the original saw marks and texture from a century ago.

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Reclaimed woods from Elmwood will always be cleaned of debris and metal before going into a drying kiln that will stabilize the woods moisture content and eradicate any mold or insects before the milling process takes place. The milling of the reclaimed planks is produced on the same high end technology driven equipment that is used to produce new wood floors. The result is a precision milled product that will install and perform with the same reliability that one would expect from any quality hardwood floor. 

Wide Plank Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Bringing Old Wood Back to Life

Wide Plank Antique Flooring

A Medley of Natural Wood Tones

What is so special about reclaimed wide plank flooring is the impressive diversity of native wood species that can be produced. There are dozens of wood species found in these vintage structures and each species creates its own distinct looks and colors. What this means for the end user is a seemingly endless set of options available to get the perfect wide plank wood floor. 

Reclaimed Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wood Joists from Old Industrial Buildings

Reclaimed woods are not just found in vintage barns, but also industrial buildings that are slated for demolition. These buildings are often full of large support columns that are solid timber as well as floor joists that support each story of the building. It is these large beams that are ideal for a beautiful wide plank wood floor. The woods have original mill marks and patina that just cannot be replicated with today’s fresh cut lumber. The steps for processing reclaimed wood is much like that of wood from a barn. The surface is washed, nails are removed and the material gets cut to rough thickness and then enters the kiln cycle to produce a balanced wood floor board.

Wide Plank Pine Wood Flooring

Rustic Heart Pine Boasts Wide Widths & Long Length Planks

Wide Plank Heart Pine Wood Floors

Original Saw marks in Rustic Heart Pine Planks

The images above are a perfect example of a beautiful wide plank rustic wood floors. The planks were salvaged from a large industrial building and still retain the original saw marks that remained after the wood was initially milled to be used as lumber. The heart pine floors were sanded to provide a smooth surface which makes for a wide plank floor that is equal parts rustic and refined. 

Wide Plank European Hardwood

European White Oak Boules

Few things in the wood flooring industry are as synonymous European flooring and Wide plank wood floors and is due to the processing of the raw lumber. When it comes to cutting logs for lumber there is a significant process difference in the United States compared to European countries. The Europeans tend to “flat saw” their logs which create a slice all the way through the log without turning the log resulting in lots of wide planks that are ideal for producing wide plank wood floors. This cut produces a wide range of character and grades in a single piece of lumber and creates a distinct look. 

European White Oak Wood Flooring

European White Oak with Wire Brushed Finish

Wide Plank European White Oak Hardwood Flooring

European White Oak: True Scandinavian Design Element

European wide plank wood flooring compliments any design space, from rustic to modern. The impressive graining and color tones create a timeless impression. The character in the wood lends itself to both natural light tones as well as smoked and fumed dark colors. The planks can have a soft wire brushed texture that removes the soft fiber from the wood’s surface and creates a mild texture that emphasizes the natural grain pattern. European White oak is prized for its beautiful character and its ability to produce wide widths and long length wood flooring.

Sustainably Harvested Timber

Sustainably Harvested Old Growth Timber

When American hardwoods are selectively harvested from well managed forests the result is truly sustainable lumber and one of our most valuable natural resources. Harvesting these mature timbers make way for new growth that will also have had the opportunity to reach maturity themselves in a natural setting. The lumber offers undeniable strength and beauty that makes it a great source for wide plank wood flooring. The large timbers are strategically chosen and cut to achieve wide width and long length lumber with its natural beauty intact. 

Wide Plank White Oak Wood Flooring

Wide Plank White Oak: Naturally Warm & Beautiful

Wide Plank Walnut Floor

Random Widths add Character to Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank wood floors are timeless and beautiful products that come in a wide range of colors and textures. When looking to add wide plank flooring to your design, it is important to partner with a company like Elmwood that values sustainable lumber practices and is seasoned in the unique drying and milling process that it takes to create a stable and well balances wide plank floor that can be enjoyed and lived on for many years to come. 

Choose Wide Plank Wood Flooring for your next project

There are many ways that wide plank wood floors can bring your design together with other materials in your next DIY project. Wood flooring in general is one of the most popular flooring options because of its classic beauty, durability and longevity. At Elmwood, we have a wide range of wood flooring types that fit most any application. We can help you find the right wood species, stain and finish for your next home improvement project. Contact our team today to get started!

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