Our Millworkers Do It Precisely!

Our unique process combined with the highest quality people, facilities, and milling equipment make a serious difference. When we say our time machine is stuck on quality, we not only mean it, we live it. Continuously evaluating ourselves, our products and our process we strive to give our customers only the best service and products available. anywhere!


Receiving Inventory

We take pride knowing our reclaimed inventory is second to none.



It's a tough job.... We denail well over a million feet of lumber per year!


Rough Milling

The first step in bringing the lumber to a target thickness.


Kiln Drying

Properly dried wood is critical to the long-term stability.


Planing & Ripping

Sizing material prior to molding is a step we take seriously.



At the heart of it all! The molder is where the product is finished.


Crosscutting & Defecting

Computer driven saws give our operators time to make the best decisions.


Packaging & Shipping

The last step is to properly protect it from the hazards of shipping.


Surface Cleaning

Get's the unwanted dirt and debris off the wood and gives a uniform look.


Custom Shop Projects

Tops, stair parts, you name it. The custom shop makes it happen.


Inventory Controls

It's all about being effective for our customers.


Tuesday a.m.. Production Meeting

Good communication and technology keep it all smooth.