Madden Residence

Antique Heart Pine

Weston, Mo

A family Farm in Weston Mo with a one of a kind farmhouse that features a beautiful array of reclaimed heart pine products. Concrete forms and pads intermingle with dense southern yellow heart pine to create a beautiful open space with plenty of natural light. The warm amber tones of the wood come to life when the natural light shines upon it and creates warmth in contrast to the cold concrete. Each plank was cut from giant beams that spent the last 120 years supporting the massive load of an industrial building in the city and now get to live out the rest of their journey enjoying farm life. 

Heart Pine Lumber
Sharp Contrast between textures
Heart Pine Stairs
Reclaimed Heart Pine
Heart Pine Limber

Open Space

Heart Pine Paneling

Warm Natural Light

Heart Pine Lumber
Wood with a story to tell

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