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While white oak may be thought of for its lighter shades, we also have stain options available from mid-to-dark tones. Clean Linen and White Cap offers the lightest shades, which would be ideal for brightening up a space; Clean Linen has a warm, creamy undertone, while White Cap has a cool, white undertone. Malted Barley and Summer Cabin feature the darkest shades that would be ideal for a formal office to add a dark, richness to the space. These wall planks come in an assortment of widths and lengths so you have the flexibility to choose the right size for your diy project. 

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Looking for another wood wall paneling product to fit your design vision? We have more real wood products to show you! Elmwood Reclaimed Timber has wall panels and reclaimed wood products in other wood species, such as hickory, red oak, pine, walnut and more! Keep browsing the rest of our paneling options to find one that works for you!

White oak is a popular choice for interior design, with its clean, light tones and straight wood grain. Known also for its durability and strength, white oak has been widely used throughout history as a cornerstone wood for most any application. Historically prized  for boat and shipbuilding, white oak is also used in cabinetry, flooring, furniture, millwork and decorative veneer. 

Our white oak wall panels are a versatile choice for commercial or home projects and pair well with many wood flooring styles. The sapwood (the outermost portion) of white oak wood typically features light and cream colored hues, while the heartwood (the center of the tree) can be light-to-dark brown. Regardless of the part of the tree, white oak wood paneling comes in a variety of stains to suit any home decor style.

A classic choice for farmhouse design, white oak wood wall paneling is making frequent appearances in homes and businesses across the nation. The adaptability and durability of this wood species make it a great choice for both DIYers and professionals. Turn these white oak panels into an accent wall in your home and enjoy a feature that will bring a warm, real wood vibe to your interior. 

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Benefits of White Oak Paneling

Discover the benefits of choosing white oak wall paneling for your next home improvement project. We think you’ll agree with us after you install white oak wall panels in your home or business. 

Easy Installation

Proper installation is the key to success and these white oak panels make the job an easy one! White oak has characteristics that are easy to work with, including gluing and holding fasteners exceptionally well. Shiplap, square, and tongue and groove profile options provide additional support for an easy installation process.

Low Maintenance

Oak wall planks are an excellent low maintenance choice that will stand the test of time with proper cleaning and care. Regular dusting, sweeping or wiping with a damp cloth is enough to keep these wall planks beautiful for years.


From boats, barrels and cabinetry to furniture, countertops and wall panels, white oak is a versatile wood that is as beautiful as it is durable. It’s no wonder it’s showing up in homes across the country. White oak wall panels have a clean look that can update any room! Pro tip: achieve a more modern vibe by choosing wider wood panels.


As one of the top rated woods on the Janka Scale, white oak wall paneling is highly durable and strong. It is also resistant to decay and is known to feature some water resistance. Whether it’s an accent wall in your living room or backsplash in the kitchen, you’ll know your new feature wall planks are built to last.

Use Cases for White Oak Paneling

White oak wood is easy to work with, beautiful and durable, making it a great choice for a variety of home improvements and commercial design. A top pick for homeowners and interior designers, white oak continues to make an appearance in home design trends. While some of the lighter tones are especially suited for interior design styles like farmhouse or beach house, our products come in a range of colors to fit most interiors. Find some inspiration for your wall paneling project by exploring some of our other customer’s work. 

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