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Browse the selection of barn wood products we have available! This time weathered wood can enhance any space with elegant, yet rustic wood charm. Grey wood panels tend to have a cooler tone, while the natural wood is warmer. The rustic wood planks are also warmer, but tend to be darker than the natural wood planks. Whichever selection you make, you’re sure to be satisfied with the new rustic decor in your interior.

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Not finding the perfect wood wall paneling for your diy project? We have a huge inventory of wood products to browse! Check out all of our wood wall planks to find one that fits your remodel aesthetic.

Reclaimed barn wood planks have been naturally weathered by years of exposure to the elements with character that only Mother Nature can create. Salvaged from old barns across the USA, each real wood wall panel has unique elements that make reclaimed barnwood boards so appealing and trendy. And they’ve already proved they’re durable enough to stand the test of time.

Our barn wood wall panels are great for both residential remodels and commercial use. Whether you’re looking to add a feature wall to your living room or business, reclaimed wood wall planks are an easy update to make to your space and break up the dullness of a plain, white wall. From nail holes to knot holes, your choice of barnwood wall planks ensures you’ll have an interesting home decor feature to show off to guests or customers.

Color variations are available in grey, natural and rustic. However, each barn is unique and so the resulting weathered wood color and characteristics will vary according to age, maintenance, and barn location.

If you need more information about our reclaimed barn wood wall panels, please reach out. We’re happy to help you.

Benefits of Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels

There are many benefits to incorporating barn wood walls into your home improvement project or business remodel, and we’ve outlined just a handful below. The easy installation benefits you, while the eco-friendliness helps support the whole world.

Easy Installation

Wall panels are available in specific and random lengths, as well as a variety of widths and thickness. The milled profiles come in shiplap boards, square and tongue and groove, allowing the pieces to neatly – and easily – fit together. This range of customization lends to a quick, pain-free installation.


Barn wood wall panels are reclaimed from barns across the U.S. Each panel is unique due to the natural aging process of these real wood structures. This ensures that your wood wall panel project is unlike any other!


These wall panels have already stood the test of the elements and time! That should tell you everything you need to know about their durability. As part of our process, we also grade through every wood wall plank to obtain only the soundest boards suitable for interior wall covering.


Using the reclaimed wood planks from other structures is a great way to support the environment. This helps to minimize the impact of deforestation by reclaiming wood from older structures.

Use Cases for Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels

Know that you want to use reclaimed barn wood planks in your interior remodel, but not sure where to start? We have a portfolio of client work and diy projects that showcase the different ways our wood products have been used. From wood accent walls to creative farmhouse decor, our clients have found creative ways to show off these unique wood boards in their spaces. These barn wood wall panels make the perfect wall accent in your living room, a backsplash in your kitchen or even a unique DIY headboard, and the color variations in the patina allow them to fit in seamlessly to many interiors. Start exploring the possibilities!

Get Started on Your Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels Project

Give this reclaimed barn wood a second life in your home or business! Contact us to explore all your options, see what we have in stock, order a sample or ask about pricing. Our Elmwood expert team is here to answer your questions about barn wood planks as you plan your interior design project. 

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