Reclaimed And Sustainable Lumber

Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber has been a cornerstone of our company since the beginning. We sell reclaimed cabinet grade lumber to almost every type of customer. From the high end craftsmen and artisans who convert it into priceless pieces of furniture and art, to hobbyists who just love the grain and tone of the wood, buying it just to have an excuse to invent a project to use it, to large builders looking to panel the interiors and exteriors of large corporate spaces, our reclaimed cabinet grade lumber is a unique choice for any project, literally, requiring wood.

True Reclaimed Dimensional Lumber. Sizes range from 3/4 inch thickness to 2 inch thickness by 2 inch width to 14 inch width and wider. This Antique Lumber has endured generations of use. The antique lumber comes from old buildings - no longer able to be useful in their present condition. Once reclaimed it takes on a life of it's own, adding a warmth that cannot be matched by new lumber. Deep, rich wood with a working history, Antique Lumber is always covered in character. Perfect for many building projects antique lumber fits well with many design styles.