Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Custom milled to your specific needs and design specifications, our reclaimed wood flooring is hand crafted one plank at a time, every time. Reclaimed wood flooring imbues a look and feel that you cannot match.

Stair Parts & Accessories

We offer a wide range of stair parts in all the same wood types and grades as our floors to help you meet your specific project needs.

Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed wood beams lend a robust, warm and honest feel to a structure. We offer a variety of wood beams and wood box beams obtained from turn-of-the-century structures.

Wood Paneling for walls and ceilings

Rustic cabin or city chic, we create custom wood paneling that's right at home in almost any environment you desire. Great for walls, ceilings and a variety of other creative surfaces just waiting to be covered.

Countertops, Table Tops, and Bar Tops

Custom countertops, table tops, and bar tops out of any of our woods. We will glue, sand and cut to size any counter top, bar top or table top to your design specifications as well as shape your top with a variety of edges.

Reclaimed Lumber

The reclaimed lumber comes from old buildings - no longer able to be useful in their present condition. Once reclaimed it takes on a life of it's own.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Rustic yet refined, reclaimed wooden shelves are 100 percent recycled wood from turn of the century barns, factories, mills and buildings of the like.

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

Warm, inviting, a centerpiece in any space. Hand-hewn, rough-sawn it's all up to you! We create custom reclaimed antique wood fireplace mantels for you from a wide variety of reclaimed wood material choices, including any of our beams as well as box beams.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding

Weathered to rustic perfection, Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding has withstood the test of time. Rich with a working history, the timeless beauty of antique barn wood is unmistakable.

Cabinet Lumber

Whatever your project requires, we can custom create Antique Cabinet Lumber that will meet your specific design needs.

Antique Tin

Weathered and rusty, Antique tin is a unique material that is perfect for lots of creative environments.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture made with reclaimed and sustainably harvested woods. From tables and benches to a wide variety of custom pieces, we turn your vision into a work of art.