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Antique Douglas Fir

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wall Paneling

Used for everything from structural timbers to custom millwork, the Douglas fir (commonly called Doug fir) is a very versatile tree species. A reddish-brown pine with prominent growth rings and slightly lighter sapwood, Douglas fir wood typically features a vertical grain, but can also be wavy or knotty

Originally harvested in the Pacific Northwest, this wood is reclaimed from old factories and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber. Reclaimed wood has common traits like nail holes and other fasteners that add more character to the natural wood. Each reclaimed piece of Douglas fir paneling is kiln-dried to prevent warping and ensure a high quality result of the wood product. 

Our antique Douglas fir paneling features a pillowed or square edge, and comes in specific or random lengths to fit different DIY projects. The natural wood grain of our Douglas fir wall paneling helps add warmth to any room as an accent wall or an unexpected ceiling feature. Reach out today to order a sample or talk to one of our experts about pricing for your next wall paneling project.

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Random Widths: 3″-7″, 5″-9″
Specified Widths: 5″, 7″
Thickness: 3/4″, 5/8″, or 1/2″
Lengths: 2-12′ Random or Specified Lengths
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional

Milled Profile

Shiplap Milled Profile Icon Shiplap
Square Milled Profile Icon Square
Tongue and Groove Milled Profile Icon Tongue and Groove


Pillowed Egde Icon Pillowed
Square Egde Icon Square


Proper wall paneling installation is the key to success in every job. From installation to recommended care & maintenance, we’ll be here to help you with your diy project every step of the way! When you’re done with your project, you’ll be able to really admire the look and feel of the Douglas fir wood. Use our easy to follow instructions, or contact us today with any questions about installing your Douglas fir paneling.

Paneling Installation Instructions

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