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Rustic White Oak

American Rustic White Oak Flooring

Rustic grade white oak contains hints of its original milling marks from the sawmill, giving these hardwood floors beautiful quartersawn grain patterns. This wide plank flooring has a smooth surface, combined with light tan to yellow-brown sapwood shades. The brightness of the oak planks will lend an open, airy feel to your home. With knots and mineral streaks characterizing the beauty of the natural wood, and finished with a variety of sheen levels, rustic white oak flooring will pair perfectly with your decor, no matter the style of your space.

Homeowners choose this solid hardwood flooring option for many reasons. First, its durability: both red oak and white oak rank high on the Janka hardness scale. With a 1,360 rating, this solid hardwood is a sturdy choice that’s sure to last. For this reason, white oak has been widely used throughout history as a cornerstone wood for mostly any application. Although commonly used for plank flooring, rustic white oak is also used for furniture and cabinetry. Oak wood tends to be easy to work with, rot-resistant and economical, making it an exceptional value to woodworkers and homeowners alike.

Our rustic white oak floors can be manufactured in long lengths and random lengths. Stop by our showroom to see for yourself why our oak hardwood is so valuable. Our expert team will also share your options, including the difference between engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring, so you as a homeowner can make the right investment in your space.

We only manufacture and work with the highest quality hardwood flooring. We also offer various types of wide plank wood flooring, so every homeowner can feel confident in their decision. Call today to inquire about our rustic white oak hardwood floors, or continue to browse our vast selection of highest quality prefinished and unfinished solid flooring options.

Additional Info


Random Widths: 3”-5”, 3”-6”, 5”-7”
Specified Widths: 3”-10”
Thickness: 3/4”, 5/8” or 1/2”
Lengths: 2′-12′ Random or Specified Lengths
Surface Texture: Original Rustic
Finish: Prefinished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional

Milled Profile

Shiplap Milled Profile Icon Shiplap
Square Milled Profile Icon Square
Tongue and Groove Milled Profile Icon Tongue and Groove


Pillowed Egde Icon Pillowed
Square Egde Icon Square


Proper wood flooring product installation is the key to success in every job! Our team of experts at Elmwood will walk you through the entire hardwood flooring process, from installation to recommended care and maintenance to ensure durability for a lifetime. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and an excellent product. Our team is happy to help! 

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