Wood Wall Planks: How To Make A Statement With Your Next Project

January 18, 2019

Sometimes a simple plank of reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood can make all the difference and set a special space apart. Whether it is a rustic reclaimed look you are trying to achieve or something more modern and refined using wooden planks adds color and texture that few materials can match. The natural variation blends together to create a truly harmonious surface.

While there are many applications that can utilize wood planks from high traffic commercial spaces to private residences, walls are a top choice due to their highly visible nature. Being at eye level ensures that covering walls with wood planks will make a dramatic impact on visitors. Another reason walls are a great choice is wear and tear, when wood is used as paneling for walls it does not experience the same traffic as it would if it were used as flooring, thus reducing the overall abuse it will sustain throughout the lifetime of the product.


Wood Wall Planks

Light Colored Elm Planks Installed Horizontally

Wood Wall Paneling

Rustic Reclaimed Paneling Installed At 45 Degree Angles

How the planks of wood are positioned and orientated on the walls also will have an impact on the design aesthetics and overall results of the project. There are a number of ways planks can be installed and, depending on the desired results a range of factors that will need to be planned for. Horizontal installations are the most popular and will look great in most rooms. Installing wood planks vertically is another great option and can make rooms feel larger as well as adding a traditional siding feel. Another way to adhere the wooden planks is at a 45 degree angle, this method is clean and adds a sharp look to the space as well as being something a little different and unique. If you chose to do a 45 degree angle you will need to order a little extra material due to the waste factor incurred when creating the angled cut offs.

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Wall Planks

Planks Can Be Used To Create A Focal Point

Adding Wood Wall Planks can help to define the space, creating a focal point that will grab attention and be memorable. Mixing wood with other materials such as stone counter tops or stainless steel appliances enhances the depth and beauty of each other and adds to the overall look.

White Oak Wood Wall Planks

Clean And Modern Woods Add Warmth

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Wall Planks

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Wall Planks Enhance This Display

Commercial settings have an obligation to their inhabitants and visitors alike. Creating spaces that are inviting is a great way to attract users and it makes people feel good. When designing an environment around the user it is important to incorporate elements that add warmth and depth to the interior spaces, making them more usable and friendly.

Walnut Wood Wall Planks

Walnut Wood Wall Planks Are Dark And Rich

Large walls can be difficult, sheet rock can become boring quickly and does not do much for the overall design of a buildings interior. Elements that can add natural variation can help to offset the large expanses of smooth walls and enhance the design considerably. When choosing contrasting materials it is important to keep scale in mind, and, to remember that you can mix and match materials. Adding wood wall planks to one or two walls is a way to create interest without becoming overwhelming. There are times when it is possible to have too much of one particular material in a space which can lead to it feeling smaller or too busy.

Barnwood Wood Wall Paneling

Natural Barnwood Walls Feel At Home

Grey Barnwood Wall Planks

Grey Barn Wood Walls With Traditional Wainscoating

Weathered barn wood is another great option to incorporate planks on walls. The natural color tones combined with original texture create a surface that feels warm and inviting as well as being a green choice that is good for the environment.

Barn wood Wall Planks

Wood Planks Are A Great Addition To Exterior Projects

With many great options available there couldn’t be a better time to think about utilizing wood wall planks in your next project. From modern to rustic looks, as well as a wide variety of colors, textures and finish options adding just the right amount of character is easier than ever.  

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