Why Wood Flooring With Texture Is A Smart Choice

February 2, 2018

Some of the coolest wood floors out there incorporate surface texture not only for the unique look, but, interestingly enough for performance. Not all texture is created equally, While there have been numerous attempts to create wood surfaces that replicate natural texture, few have done a good job achieving it. 

So, what are the options worth considering and the performance benefits of surface texture? Let’s begin with good options, to create texture that is natural looking and will still be attractive many years from the time you install it staying simple is the key. The last thing you want to do is purchase a product that feels dated only a few short years after you install it.

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Whether you are looking at a reclaimed wood floor or sustainably harvested wood flooring original rustic texture is a great option. Retaining the original saw teeth marks from the original milling of the wood creates a texture that is rustic and tells the story of the individual planks history. Every board will be a little unique and the floor will show variation from plank to plank.

When looking for a more consistent surface texture and overall appearance over the entire floor brushed flooring can be the best option. When brushing the wood the general idea is to remove the softer part of the fibers while leaving the hard wood. Brushing the flooring creates a soft look that feels time worn and natural. Brushed texture adds strength to the surface by removing soft wood and creates a floor that is less susceptible to dents and dings.


Wide Plank Heart Pine Wood Flooring

An original Rustic Surface combined with a soft brushed texture

Reclaimed Rustic Oak Wood Flooring

A surface texture in the works for over a century

A rustic surface on a reclaimed wood floor can be refined and smooth to the touch, this process is often referred to as a hit and miss surface. Each wood plank has high spots and heavy texture removed during the milling process followed by several rounds of a screen sanding to result in just the right amount of texture and provide the perfect look.

Reclaimed Rustic Textured Oak Wood Flooring

Original Saw Marks on Reclaimed Rustic Oak

A series of a soft brushing can also be utilized with a prefinished reclaimed wood floor to remove any surface debris and open the pores of the wood to accept the adequate level of finish. Not only will this help smooth out and encapsulate the surface of each plank, but it will ensure that the finish properly adheres to the flooring and protects your investment for years to come.  

Brushed White Oak Wood Flooring

Subtle Brushed surface opens the surface of each plank

Brushed European Wide Plank White Oak

A White Oil Accents the brushed surface of European white Oak

A rustic surface and wire brushed surface have one great thing in common and that is their ability to hide minor surface imperfections created by everyday use. The rustic surface has enough character and texture that a minor scratch from a pet or dropped item will blend right in.The soft grain of a brushed wood floor has already been removed from the manufacturing process which makes the floor more durable while also creating a soft brushed texture that helps reduce the visibility of wear in high traffic or commercial use areas. 

Brushed European White Oak Wood Flooring

A Brushed Texture Creates Depth

Surface texture on a wood floor can create a look from heavy weathering to a soft elegant enhancement and can be an added detail for residential and commercial projects. The texture gives the planks depth and character that differs from the everyday run of the mill flooring products on the market. A textured wood floor will continue to look its best for years to come in both light and heavy traffic installations. 

Rustic White Oak Wood Flooring

Rustic Saw Kerf magnified by white stain

Brushed White Oak Wood Flooring

A soft brushed texture creates an old world effect

Rustic Oak Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Rustic Oak drenched with antique patina

Wire Brushed Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Brushed Antique Oak with a subtle white oil

It’s rare to get a functional benefit from and design aesthetic, fortunately, when it comes to surface texture on wood flooring we get both! Enhanced resistance to natural wear and tear and beautiful character all at the same time. Be sure to consider these benefits of textured wood flooring while planning your next project.

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