Wood Flooring Colors: Light, Dark And Everything In Between

October 1, 2017

These aren’t your parents wood floors! Today wood flooring is a popular choice, and with a ton of color options available, there is literally something for every type of design style. Depending on the space and overall effect desired, the color of the wood flooring makes a big impact and is a car element that needs careful consideration.

Dark wood floors have been popular for centuries and have a timeless and authentic feel that will always be a great choice. From deep browns to black hues as well as darker reddish browns and even shades of dark grey, dark colors are elegant and sophisticated.

Natural Tones similar to those found in the raw wood are classic and really show off the natural characteristics of the wood. Each wood species has it’s own beauty and built in characteristics, by finishing flooring with a clear finish the natural looks of the wood itself are simply enhanced and protected from wear and tear. 

Light colored woods and whitewashed flooring has also become increasingly in demand due to the clean and modern looks that can be achieved. Another advantage is that with a light stain or treatment the natural beauty can be enhanced and made more consistent throughout the surface of the floor.

Adding rich and vibrant colors to wood is gaining in popularity and enhances the natural grain patterns of the wood while adding fun colors and a unique look. Commonly used in high visibility areas or spaces that aim to wow visitors, colorful wood floors make s statement and personalize a space.

Wood Flooring Colors

Dark Floors Are Elegant And Sophistocated

Wood Flooring Colors

Light Floors Are Clean, Bright And Modern

Color can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a room or space, darker colors tend to be more traditional and elegant while lighter tones make a more fresh and modern statement. White tones have become increasingly popular and look great in a wide variety of locations. 

Reclaimed White Oak Floors

Reclaimed White Oak With A Natural Finish

Clear finish is a great option when you want to show off the natural color and tones of the floor. Every wood species is unique, from color tones to grain patterns and distinct character, even varying from plank to plank. Natural variation is what makes wood so special and creates a surface that has great depth.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Rustic Oak With A Dark Finish

Dark finish enhances the rustic character of the floor and makes the overall appearance more uniform and consistent.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Rustic Oak With A White Finish

The rustic characteristics are further pronounced with the addition of white pigment in the finish, creating a modern rustic look.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Antique Elm With A Brown Finish

The long and straight grain pattern of reclaimed antique elm is highlighted using a brown color stain that also has shades of black.

Wood Flooring Colors

European White Oak With A Brownish Grey Finish

With an overall appearance of having brown tones the European white oak also has distinct grey tones and feels like an old world creation.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Heart Pine With A Muted White Finish

Reclaimed heart pine can be overwhelmingly pumpkin colored, so adding a light white muted finish can make the wood feel more contemporary.

Wood Flooring Colors

Rustic Walnut With A Slate Grey Finish

With rustic surface texture and a dark wood to start with, adding a slate grey finish feels time worn and classic.

Wood Flooring Colors

American White Oak With A White Finish

Consistent with a lightly brushed texture enhanced with a linen white finish the white oak is clean and modern.

Wood Flooring Colors

American White Oak With A Black Finish

Very dark flooring feels authentic and timeless, as if it has seen a centuries worth of wear and tear.

Wood Flooring Colors

European White Oak With A Muted Finish

Muted finishes create a more flat look and make the color of the European White Oak a bit more subtle and modern.

Wood Flooring Colors

European White Oak With A Violet Finish

Bright colors add a new twist to a centuries old material. Fresh and modern, adding vibrant colors like violet, blue, green or even pink is a fun way to liven up a space.

Wood Flooring Colors

Rustic Walnut With A Dark Finish

Sometimes adding just a hint of a color can make a lot of difference. Dark black pigment is added to rustic oak and hangs up in the character areas of the floor.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Rustic Oak With A Grey Finish

Lihgt grey tones accent the rustic reclaimed character and create a soft look that feels natural and eye catching indeed.

Wood Flooring Colors

Reclaimed Antique Oak Brushed With A Clear Finish

Brushing the surface of this reclaimed antique oak creates natural color variation and allows the oils in the clear finish to highlight the range of color tones.

Wood Flooring Colors

A Light Brown Stain Adds Character And Makes The Floor More Consistent

Wood Flooring Colors

Clear Finish Enhances The Natural Variation In The Rustic Wood

Today there are many color choices available when choosing the right wood flooring for a space, not to mention other customizable options like texture, sheen and wood types. Finding a surface that is just right for your project is easier than ever, and if you can’t find what you need there is always the ability to create a custom bespoke floor providing limitless options.

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