What Makes Walnut Hardwood Flooring and Paneling So Popular

January 11, 2019

When choosing a wood species to be used as a flooring or paneling product, there are few woods that compare to american black walnut. Not only is walnut a beautiful hardwood it is also durable and will only get better with time.

Rich and luxurious American walnut is found growing predominantly in the mid western United States and is one of the most sought after woods that is commercially harvested. Used for fine furniture, flooring, paneling as well as many other high end applications the popularity of American black walnut has grown over time.

When used in flooring and paneling applications the true beauty of the wood is really evident due to the ability to show a large amount of material on a single surface enhancing the ability to see the full range of color and grain patterns. Wide widths and long lengths add to the visual appeal of of the space, which in turn can make rooms feel larger and less cluttered. 

Walnut Hardwood Flooring

A Durable Hardwood Suitable For Any Room

Walnut Hardwood Paneling

Traditional Walnut Adds Warmth to Spaces With Large Walls

When you think of walnut, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich brown tones commonly associated with the wood in it’s natural state however, there are actually many ways to enhance the beauty of this majestic material. Not only is walnut stunning by itself stains and color treatments can be added to create many other unique looks. With the addition of black or dark pigment the wood can feel even richer and more uniform than it’s original counterpart. When whites or lighter colors are introduced the results are striking, showing the dark color of the natural material layered beneath.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Traditional Walnut

Traditional walnut is a classic choice and a wood that will always be in style. Known for it’s rich brown tones and attractive figure traditional walnut compliments a wide variety of design styles and is a timeless wood species.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Rustic Walnut

Leaving a hint of the history and charm from when the original boards were crafted, rustic walnut has traces of the saw teeth form the milling process which creates added warmth and character.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Fresh Powder

With the addition of just the right amount of white pigment the wood feels modern and shows the dark tones beneath the surface. Fresh powder is created using rustic planks for just the right amount of character.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Dark Chocolate

Adding black pigment makes any grade of walnut a little more uniform and just a little richer. Dark tones are made darker while the lighter sap wood is blended to be more consistent.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Bleached Walnut

By brushing the soft grain and using a special color process bleached walnut has a more modern look and is more uniform in color tone. There are also other possibilities to further enhance toe look with additional treatments.

Black Walnut Flooring and Paneling

Burnished Walnut

Deep brushed to remove the softer wood and enhanced with a black pigment, burnished walnut takes on a life of it’s own and has a time worn feel. Perfect for walls and ceilings!

Black Walnut Flooring

Playful and Inviting Yet Very Refined

Black Walnut Flooring

Walnut is Elegant In Any Space

With rich tones and an attractive grain pattern walnut is at home in a wide variety of spaces from formal to casual. Durable enough to withstand the test of time this hardwood is a go to choice for many architects, designers and home owners. Needless to say it is truly a wood that will last for generations to come and only become better with age.

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