Tobacco Wood Flooring: What Is It And Where Does It Come From

January 3, 2018

While we carry many types of wood flooring, the tobacco wood flooring product stands out for its rich history, as well as it’s rich tones. Crafted from the wood found in old structures that have been used to dry and cure tobacco, this wood has plenty of stories to tell. Tobacco has been a major cash crop in the southern and midwestern United States for the past 200 years and has led to the construction of many structures dedicated to it’s drying process. After the tobacco is harvested it is hung to dry in large barns for several months before it is sold and processed. The barns are open from floor to ceiling allowing the tobacco to be hoisted up and hung on supports throughout the building. This open design allows for the maximum amount of tobacco to be placed in the barn as well as for the air to be able to circulate through the plants.

As the tobacco industry has become smaller due to increased health awareness, the old barns used to dry the harvested tobacco plants have become less important and many have fallen into disrepair, and have even been abandoned. Because of the high commercial value derived from tobacco, most of these structures were built well with the best quality materials available at the time, yielding a beautiful, solid hardwood flooring through reclamation. 

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Tobacco Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Tobacco pine wood flooring has an interesting history that results in a beautifully, unique patina and durable hardwood floors. This solid wood features rich shades of brown that can’t be easily replicated, as well as undertones of the wood’s original honey color. Adding these wood floors to your home or business will give you an interior that stands out among the rest, and durability that has lasted for years. Here are 4 design ideas for incorporating antique tobacco pine into your home or next diy project.

1. Rich mixed tones add to the warmth

Tobacco Pine Flooring

Deep rich shades of brown and red are abundant throughout antique tobacco pine wood. This makes reclaimed tobacco hardwood flooring a great choice for floors, stair parts and other decorative elements where a rustic patina look is desired. Barns used to dry tobacco were often painted black to absorb heat from the sun, aiding in the drying process. When solid wood is exposed to natural heat the patinal and color of the wood is naturally enhanced giving it a darker appearance.

2. Tobacco wood stair treads, risers and handrail

Tobacco wood flooring

Matching stair treads, risers and other stair parts can complete the finishing touches to a hardwood floor. The rich patina of tobacco pine wood enhances the look of these elements by giving them a time worn feel that is dark and has the appearance of being decades old. Ensuring all the detailed pieces are the same wood style give the interior a cohesive look and shows off the versatility of the wood.

3. Tobacco wood pine floors

Tobacco wood floors

Only found in specific buildings within certain regions of the country tobacco hardwood flooring is rare indeed, making it a unique product that is sought after and only available in limited quantities. Using the interior joists, boards and beams found in the old buildings, tobacco pine flooring and other design elements are carefully crafted to have the appearance only found in woods that have been exposed to the elements for decades. Warm brown tones combined with hints of gold and red hues make this wood very attractive and timeless.

4. Wide widths and long lengths

Tobacco wood flooring

Tobacco wood pine floors can be installed as both narrow and wide plank flooring. Wide plank floors can make a room look larger and have gained popularity in contemporary spaces. Combine the wide plank style with longer plank lengths and these hardwood floors make your space look expansive. Antique tobacco pine that has been reclaimed from old structures may have more patterns, nail holes, and saw marks that could make the floor design appear busy. Wide planks can help to space out some of the patterning to create a design that’s interesting without being overwhelming.

Add the Rich History of Tobacco Pine to Your Interior

Rich with a working history, reclaimed tobacco wood flooring provides a look that cannot be replicated with new wood. After years of use and natural aging, antique tobacco pine has a deep character that is one-of-a-kind. Interior design styles benefiting from warm and authentic materials will embrace tobacco wood flooring as a distinctive element used to create charm and warmth. Find out if antique tobacco pine is the right fit for your interior by contacting the design experts at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. We’re happy to help you decide what style is right for your design project. Oak and pine wood flooring reclaimed from tobacco barns are both available in random lengths and random widths to suit a variety of spaces. Reach out today for more information and to ask about our pricing.

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