December 1, 2021

One of our local experts in interior and architectural design has joined the Elmwood family to share her experience with our high-quality custom wood products. You may know her from the HGTV hit series Bargain Mansions. Tamara Day has built a successful career by renovating big, old homes that are in dire need of stylish renovation. She is a DIY pro at integrating modern design and functionality into every space she touches.

Tamara has been working on renovating older homes for several seasons now, but lately she’s found some spare time to start up new projects, including the upstairs renovation of her own personal home in Leawood, Kansas. That’s when she discovered the beauty of Elmwood’s wide plank wood flooring.

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The Days have had carpet throughout the second floor of their home for the last 12 years. They decided to install hardwood flooring to update their upper-level hallway and bedroom areas.

European white oak flooring provides long lengths and wide widths that takes less time to install while maximizing the space of any room or hallway.

The finished product offers a classic style with a modern twist and is sure to impress even the most seasoned designers, builders and architects.

With so many light and dark finishes to choose from, Tamara and her husband had a difficult time making a decision about which finish to go with for their own personal home.

After spending the afternoon at Elmwood’s designer showroom where they were able to touch, feel and compare the vast flooring options available for residential and commercial projects, they were able to make a personal decision that would work for their family of six.

They ended up deciding to go with Elmwood’s popular Amstel River finish option in white oak. This special flooring is Artisan brushed and finished with a hard wax oil for minimal maintenance.

Once the finished product was installed, they were thrilled with the end result and admitted they had no idea how beautiful it would be in their own home.

Tamara is now working on her next local design project, which is her very own design store called Growing Days HOME in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Tamara’s signature style comes alive in her new designer’s haven filled with unique light fixtures, designer rugs, fabric swatches, wallpaper, candles, kitchen and dining room décor plus one-of-a-kind original artwork you won’t find anywhere else.  

For more information about Tamara’s new design shop, you can visit her website at TamaraDay.com or stop by her new storefront.

We look forward to working with you on your next design project! Please feel free to visit our showroom. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or you can call us at #800-705-0705 for details about our custom milled wood products.

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Ready to Discover More?

Your next project is just around the corner. Browse our product galleries for more inspiration.