9 Solid Wood Flooring Ideas For Your Next Home Improvement Project

November 1, 2021

A classic material with enduring beauty, solid wood flooring adds warmth and value to any interior design space. Real wood has been used as a flooring type for hundreds of years, due to the comfort it provides as well as many other practical factors. The first hardwood floors were crafted from rough hewn timber that was hand planed and sanded to create a smooth surface and were commonly placed directly over bare dirt floors. In the new world, during the colonial period, they took advantage of the vast forests available to them, and made hardwood flooring the most common material used for covering the floors in homes and buildings. Using long, thick and wide planks cut from old growth trees the wood was tight grained and dense providing superior durability.

As technology progressed and milling improved, hardwood flooring options became more easily accessible, and truly became the flooring type of choice for homeowners. The advent of tongue and groove millwork made hardwood flooring much easier to install and created a product that could be pre-leveled before installation, giving it a more polished and uniform look, one that we are familiar with today.

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Hardwood flooring options remained the flooring of choice until the 1920s when linoleum and cork flooring products were introduced. These new options were easier to install and maintain, making real wood less desirable for a period of time.

In the 1930s floor finish technology made huge strides with the introduction of polyurethane, keeping the wood look in vogue until the introduction of inexpensive carpeting hit the market after World War II. During the 1980s people wanted a different flooring type, and turned back to hardwood floors for their clean and natural looks as well as the performance they provide.

While there are engineered wood flooring options available, solid wood flooring remains the most popular choice in the United states. Solid planks are the most traditional type of wood flooring and have the greatest ability to be sanded and refinished as wear occurs over time, providing a floor that will last longer than most engineered wood floors.

Today, hardwood and other types of wood flooring options are more abundant and popular than ever. Not only is hardwood flooring one of the most practical options, it is also very attractive and timeless. In the last 30 plus years the trend has been to remove the existing carpet in older homes and to sand and refinish the old wood floors, bringing them back to life. This in itself is a testament to the longevity and quality of these timeless floors.

Solid Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Because solid hardwood is one of the most popular choices for flooring, there are many different wood flooring designs and trends for both homes and businesses. We carry a range of wood flooring products that showcase the abundance of flooring options that homeowners have to choose from when considering their interior design. From the entryway to the living room and beyond, there’s a place in your home for the ideal wood floor. Check out the 9 flooring design ideas that we’re showcasing to get some inspiration for your flooring remodel. 

1. Traditional Hardwoods

Solid Wood Flooring

Traditional hardwoods have always been a popular choice for flooring. Superior durability and performance make them a practical material for floors worldwide. From more common species like oak and hickory to highly prized woods such as walnut and cherry, people today want to make a lasting statement with their spaces. Choosing hardwood as a flooring material helps to ensure that your floor will last for years to come and you can sand and refinish it if it ever needs a touchup. 

2. Natural Tones

Solid Wood Flooring

A common question is what type of finish should I use? With finishes ranging from natural oils to hardwax oil as well as urethanes, there are many good options that all have their benefits and drawbacks. Natural oils will penetrate deep into the wood and are highly repairable, but also require a little more maintenance. Hardwax oil is similar to a natural oil with the addition of a wax layer that remains on the surface of the floor and provides more protection. Urethane finishes can be the most protective but are difficult to repair and will show scratches and wear and tear. 

While there are numerous ways to change or enhance the color tone of a solid wood floor from dark stains to white treatments, clear finish continues to be a popular and classic choice. The clear finish of this dining room floor enhances the natural beauty of the planks. This is a timeless finish that has been used for centuries to protect the wood from stains and other wear-related issues.

3. Light Colored Ash Hardwoods

Solid Wood Flooring

Ash is a naturally light wood species with coloring that ranges from creamy white to light gray-brown. The lightness of the wood makes it an ideal choice for contemporary settings and works well in light-filled spaces or open floor plans. As an added bonus, ash is also highly durable and can withstand high-traffic areas

4. Light Color Rustic Floors

Solid Wood Flooring

These light colored rustic floors are the best of both worlds! Light flooring helps create an open, light atmosphere in interior spaces, while the rustic finish of the wood provides additional character and warmth to the room. 

5. Rustic Reclaimed Hardwoods

Solid Wood FLooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is a great option that has become popular, not only for the look it provides but for eco-friendly reasons as well. With a growing population and increased demand for wood products, it only makes sense to reuse existing resources when possible. As the reclaimed industry has grown, so have the options and products available as well as the quality of those products. Rustic reclaimed hardwood flooring showcases one-of-a-kind characteristics that won’t be found in newly sawn wood products. This includes nail holes, natural weathering and checking. These features provide additional interest to an already beautiful wood floor

6. Antique Oak Solid Wood Floors

Solid Wood Flooring
Antique oak flooring is one of our most popular wood choices for many interiors. The wood has been reclaimed from old barns and structures, and is a blend of red and white oak species. The flooring combines the warm tones of red oak with the light brown tones of white oak. Varying undertones as well as varying grain patterns give the reclaimed wood a unique look that complements most interior spaces. 

7. Solid Wood Flooring in Mixed Species

Solid Wood Flooring

Create a unique look by mixing the wood species of your wood plank flooring! This space creates a lot of visual interest that is eye-catching without being overpowering. The simplicity of the home decor in the rest of the room ensures that it’s not overwhelming, and brings warmth into this sitting area. Guests will definitely want to spend many hours soaking in the natural light and ambience created in this space. 

8. Wide Widths and Long Lengths

Solid Wood Flooring

It’s not just the wood species and stain that are the most impactful flooring traits. People should also consider the size of the wood plank flooring they use in their remodel project. Larger planks have a tendency to make a space look more modern and expansive. With busier wood grains, it may be more important to choose larger sized planks to keep the floor from looking too busy. 

9. Dark Walnut Floors

Solid Wood Flooring

Dark wood solid floors are a classic choice. While light floors are gaining in popularity, dark wood floors will always have a place in the hearts of many homeowners and interior designers alike. The richness of the dark tones create a warm, luxurious atmosphere. Walnut is a wood species known for its hardiness and its air of formality. Choosing a dark walnut floor for your home or business sets a tone in your interior that will impress all your guests and/or customers. 

Create Your Ideal Interior Atmosphere with Wood Flooring

Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern or rustic solid wood floor, there are more choices and available options today than ever before. From wood species to surface texture to the type of finish used, there is no limit to the ability to create the perfect wood floor. Choosing a solid wood floor is a timeless choice and will be a great investment that will pay for itself time and time again over the life of the floor. It is also common for a wood floor to increase the value of a home in the case of a sale. There are an array of wood flooring products to choose from at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. From the light wood types to the very dark, we have a product that can fit any interior. Explore our wood flooring options today and find one that fits with your home decor visions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of experts. We’re happy to help you find the perfect flooring fit. 

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