31 Reclaimed Wood Design Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

October 10, 2018

When it comes to interior design, there are few materials that are as beloved as wood. Natural wood has a character, grain, and beauty that is unmatched by any synthetic or man made material, and it’s versatile enough to be used nearly anywhere in the home.

Reclaimed wood is a natural alternative to new wood materials and products that’s more environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood is natural wood that has been used previously in barns, households, or businesses. These aged hardwoods are removed from these settings, refinished, and given a new life that cannot be replicated by modern wood production. The wood shows the history, patina, and marks of its previous use, which gives it a beautiful, interesting finish and appearance.

Reclaimed wood can be used anywhere that new wood products can be installed, and it brings instant depth and character to any room. Check out these 31 reclaimed wood interior design ideas to see what’s possible with this unique and versatile material. 

Reclaimed Wood Design Ideas


Ceiling beams add dimension and depth to a room, as well as one-of-a-kind interest to the “fifth wall”. Reclaimed wood ceiling beams have all the strength and support of new beams, but with a softer finish from previous use. And unlike new beams, which are often hollow boxes, salvaged wood beams are solid wood, giving you many more years of use.

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Wood planks are often used on floors and sometimes as wooden walls, but they also make a beautiful diy makeover for the ceiling as well. Installed in a shiplap paneling with a reclaimed wood beam for depth, a wooden ceiling makes a stunning focal point, particularly in rooms with tall walls. The rich patina of reclaimed barn wood adds instant warmth and rustic charm to the room as well.


Wooden beams have long been used for load bearing purposes. These salvaged wood beams get new life in a kitchen where they can act as both support and as a decorative element to the room. The barn wood beams on the ceiling meet the support beams perfectly to create a unique grid on the ceiling, and to accent the kitchen island at the same time.


Sometimes the best way to accent a living space is to give it a frame to call better attention to it. This stone fireplace surround is set back slightly from the rest of the room with a rustic, reclaimed wood frame. The old barn wood matches up beautifully with the rustic wood walls and doors and complements the stone base at the same time.


One of the nicest things about reclaimed wood is the way that it shows its past use. You can bring history and character to even new homes just by installing some old wood beams. Rustic finish reclaimed wood often shows things like saw marks, patina, and nail holes that will give your home a rustic makeover.


Reclaimed wood has a personality and color that differs from what you can find in newly made wood products. This can add some dramatic contrast to a room that features other, newer wood materials. In this kitchen, the rich, dark wood beams create long lines that visually stretch the room, while adding contrast to the color of the cabinetry.

Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams
Authentic hand hewn beams with a storied past


Older homes, cottages, and bungalows often have a lot of older features and charm already. When you’re doing a home makeover, you need to be able to match those home decor features in order to keep the cohesive look of the architecture in place. Reclaimed wood paneling, with its history and wear can be the perfect complement to cottages and older homes that need a little more support.


Uniquely shaped ceilings sometimes get overlooked in a larger interior design scheme. Using a reclaimed wood beam to show off the shape can help get it the attention that it deserves. In this case, the repeating beams call the eye upward, and make use of the ceiling’s height in the rest of the dining room design.


Many reclaimed wood products come from older floors. The wear and patina of an old wood floor is unmatched by anything that can be produced today. Utilizing reclaimed wood flooring in your home brings that richness and depth into the room, elevating the entire interior design at once.

Coastal Collage Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Rustic wide plank flooring

Old wood floors were much more solid than new wood floors installed today. Get the look, character, and history of older floors in your home with reclaimed wood flooring. These wide planks have a smooth finish and rich patina that you won’t find on a newer floor.


Soffits are used both inside and outside of the home. While modern soffits are usually a carefully finished box, they often lack interest and character. Consider replacing your ordinary soffits with one made of reclaimed wood to get more dimension and charm from your home’s exterior.


Reclaimed wood panels made of fitted pieces of wood come in a range of different finishes and styles, including more contemporary looks. Now, you can get the eco-friendly material of reclaimed wood, and still fit in with your modern décor at the same time, like this large, single ceiling beam.



Door moldings help define spaces and give them a finished appearance. When a traditional, decorative molding isn’t right for your home, consider using this project idea instead! The uneven edges, patina, and finish of this rustic, reclaimed wood frame add character, while still framing the space and adding definition to the room.


Homes that have open floor plans often need a little definition to help them make the most of the space visually. This decorating idea uses reclaimed wood beams to do just that by lining the ceiling of one area, then using the same beam to outline the doorway between the two spaces, adding just enough definition to separate them, but without putting up a barrier.


Heart Pine Lumber
Sharp contrast between textures

Transitional designs like rustic modern make use of different decor ideas, textures, and materials in one space to create a more fluid design. This home creates a unique look with columns made out of concrete and wood with an iron accent. The effect is modern, but with a more interesting and approachable feel.


Show off the ceilings in your cabin or rustic-style home with reclaimed wood beams. The history, finish, and wear marks on the wood are an instant complement to this style of home; they’ll look as though they’ve always been there, no matter how new the design.


One of the benefits of using wood in your interior designs is its ability to be used in so many different decorating ideas. This home utilizes reclaimed wood in numerous areas, including the floor, kitchen island and the support beams. Because all the wood has similar use history and patina, it gives a comfortable, lived in appearance to the home.


Wooden support beams make an interesting alternative to columns. While columns are formal and don’t always match every interior design, rustic wood beams can be used in a wider number of settings, including rustic modern, cottage, farmhouse, and transitional designs.


Wood makes a beautiful, versatile countertop as well as a floor or wood wall art. Wood as a counter material has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. Because reclaimed wood already has many wear marks, any new usage marks will simply blend in and add to its beauty.


Heart Pine Wood Tops

When using a reclaimed wood counter, consider the possibilities outside of the kitchen. In this unique project idea, the wood is used as tops on end tables, wrapping the back of the love seat, and creating a built-in furniture nook. The effect is cozy and pleasing to the eye, as well as functional wood furniture in the room.


Utility sinks are useful in kitchens, bars, laundry rooms, and other areas of the home. Because they don’t get as much use as a kitchen or bathroom sink, they can be more decorative in style. This sink uses a beautiful reclaimed wood sink top, along with an oil rubbed bronze faucet that picks up the patina, and a decorative backsplash to tie it all together.


Walnut Wood Kitchen Countertop

It’s common in many homes to use a kitchen island top that either coordinates with or contrasts the counter you use on the perimeter of the room. In this decor idea, the top not only contrasts the perimeter, it also blends in beautifully with the wood used on the island itself.


Seating areas at peninsulas like this one are a great way to gain more function in the room. This reclaimed wood top shows a lot of character that makes it an ideal choice for this informal setting. The smooth wood top makes for a perfect place to pull up a stool to while dinner is being prepared.


Built in cabinetry is a fabulous addition to any interior design. No matter where it’s used, it’s sure to gain a lot of use and function, while adding to the rustic charm of the room. This long cabinet utilizes a reclaimed wood top. The patina of the top gives it a rich finish that makes it ideal for the area it’s installed in by complementing the backsplash, the cabinet, and the colors of the room.


One way to make a more dramatic impact on your kitchen design is to contrast your cabinets and your countertop. In this case, a rich wood counter is used alongside painted cabinetry. The two complement each one well, lending a slightly rustic look to the room, but the contrast between the colors amps up the power of the design.


Nearly all the colors and finishes in this room are the same – a light, bland painted off white. This makes the choice of the island countertop a really dramatic centerpiece in the room. The dark patina of the reclaimed wood stands out against the lighter surfaces that surround it, drawing the eye.


Built-in shelving and cabinets are a beautiful addition to any room, and in many types of architecture, they’re integral to the design. These cabinets use reclaimed scrap wood, which gives them a character and finish that helps them blend in better with the rest of the room’s design.


Reclaimed wood doesn’t need to be rustic or have an old appearance; it can also fit in very well with some contemporary settings. These wall panels have all the richness of antique wood, but their smooth finish helps them work in this contemporary kitchen. Here, the wood accent wall  contrasts the bright red island, giving a lot of dimension to the kitchen and dining room.


The bed is the focal point of any bedroom design. So whether you already have a headboard or not, consider drawing greater attention to the area with a built-in wood headboard. This diy reclaimed wood project creates a slight nook here for the bed to nestle into, making the room feel a little cozier, and more comfortable than before.


Another way that reclaimed wood wall panels can be used in contemporary design is to utilize them on the face of your cabinetry. These slab-style doors are made out of reclaimed wood wall panels. This gives them more texture and interest than a traditional slab, but still has the sleek look that a modern kitchen needs to pull off its design.


Traditional Kitchen, Modern Cuisine
Traditional kitchen, modern cuisine

Shaker style cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen designs today. These cabinets made of reclaimed wood have a rich finish and texture that beautifully complements the style. Together, they really bring the design of the entire kitchen into better focus.


Utilize Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

Reclaimed wood brings with it a history, character, and dimension that you aren’t going to find in any other material. Take your interior design to the next level by utilizing reclaimed wood wherever you would have used newer wood products and gain that additional interest for your home. There are a variety of diy reclaimed wood projects and decorating ideas that any homeowner can choose from to incorporate reclaimed wood in their interior designs. Contact Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to find a reclaimed wood product that can fit into your home. 

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