4 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood in Houston

March 28, 2019

Like many Texas cities, Houston boasts one of the largest percentages of ranch-style houses in the country. But people who live in the Houston area don’t just love one style of home; they also love putting their own unique stamp on the property.

There are many materials and styles that can help you do just that. But only one material can give your home instant character, personality, and history – all things that are important to Houston homes – reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is material taken from barns and buildings more than 100 years old, and recycled into new life.

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Reclaimed Wood Design Ideas for Houston Homes

Reclaimed wood can be formed into wall panels, flooring, countertops, ceilings, and more. Reclaimed wood in Houston homes can help give you the character and interest you’re looking for to help set your home apart.

1. Ranch Complements

Houston ranch reclaimed wood

1. Ranch Complements

Ranch style homes, with their one-story floor plans, low roof lines, and open interiors dominate the Houston area. People love the history that goes along with these styles of houses, and the connection it has to the Houston area.

Reclaimed wood is ideal to complement a ranch. Reclaimed wood shows many of the original marks and patina that came from its original use. When used in modern homes, it brings all of that history and character with it. So, whether you want a new floor, or just some wood accents for your ranch, you can also match the history of the building and its original style in the Houston area at the same time.

2. Bungalow Accents

Houston reclaimed wood in bungalows

2. Bungalow Accents

After the ranch, the style of home that gets a lot of attention in parts of Houston is the bungalow. These smaller homes are filled with charming details that many homeowners are choosing to bring back to life. Many of the original bungalows featured natural materials both inside and out, including natural stone and wood.

Attention to detail, native materials, and high quality were also parts of this original design. Reclaimed wood is able to match these details by forming walls, ceilings, shelves, cabinets, and wall panels – all areas of the bungalow that may have featured wood in its original incarnation.

By using reclaimed wood, you get to capture some of the original personality and spirit of the bungalow as well. This is important, as many people in the Houston area are looking to try to preserve these historic houses.

3. Natural Accents

Houston reclaimed wood mantle

3. Natural Accents

Another way to use reclaimed wood in Houston is to add a little natural accents to newer homes. Modern architecture has begun to emerge just behind bungalows and ranches as a popular style, but many Houston dwellers still want the character that other architectural styles bring. By using reclaimed wood in accenting areas, such as a fireplace mantel, shelves, or cabinets, you can capture some of this character no matter what your home’s style.

Reclaimed wood pairs well with other natural materials, such as fieldstone, so you can use it to help customize the look of any room. This way, you can have your modern amenities and architecture, and get the character and interest that Houston style is known for, too.

4. Crafting Your Look

Reclaimed wood in Houston

4. Crafting Your Look

No matter where you live or what style of home you have, one of the biggest benefits of using reclaimed wood is its versatility. Reclaimed wood allows you to create a greener home that’s full of your personal style. Whether you want a rustic look, a slightly industrial vibe, or something more contemporary, it’s possible to use reclaimed wood to make your statement.

Best of all, the wood will bring with it all the character and interest of its past. This creates an instant conversation piece in any room your install it in. The saw marks, nail holes, and patina of the wood are all visible, and all speak about the past use of the wood. So, whether your home is a ranch, a bungalow, or something else entirely, you can put your mark on it, while complementing its style, and acknowledging its history all at the same time.

Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Houston Home

People of Houston are proud of their homes and their architecture. Whether it’s building new ranches or trying to save the older bungalows in the Heights, it’s common for the people of this area to treat their homes with love and care.

Using reclaimed wood in Houston homes is one way to capture some of the personality and character you may be looking for. Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, warm, versatile, and full of personality – just like many Houston homes. Whether you’re looking for a completely new interior, some new wood floors, or you just want to create some special accents, adding reclaimed or antique wood to your interiors can help you achieve your goals. Reclaimed wood and Houston homes go together beautifully; consider installing some in your home today.

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