Use Reclaimed Wood for Hotels to Give Guests a Cozy At Home Feeling

February 21, 2019

The hospitality industry has been seeing a shift in recent years. Guests want more out of their stay, and in many cases are willing to pay for it. Just as some guests will pay more for a room with a view, they’ll also pay more for a more comfortable stay.

This has led to more hotels including what is known as biophilic design in their lobbies and rooms. Biophilic design puts an emphasis on natural materials surroundings. This can mean including more plants and trees and it can also mean including more natural materials in a design, such as wood.

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At the same time, more guests are becoming focused on other potential features as well. This includes a healthier environment and a focus on environmentally friendly or green materials.

Reclaimed wood is one option that brings together all these attributes. An eco-friendly, attractive, biophilic material that’s healthier than some materials made with formaldehyde, reclaimed wood may be the surface material you’re looking for.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood, antiqued wood, and salvaged wood are all synonyms for lumber that has had a previous use. Wood is taken from old warehouses, barns, out buildings, and factories, cleaned, cut, and repurposed. Reclaimed wood may have the original saw marks and nail holes of its past life and it may have a patina from age. These characteristics give reclaimed wood a richness and depth that’s often lacking in newer materials.

Reclaimed wood can be formed into wall and ceiling panels, beams, mantels, tabletops, countertops, shelves, and countless other items. It’s just as strong and versatile as new cut wood, and it comes in a range of wood species and colors.

Because most of the timber used in reclaimed wood comes from buildings more than 100 years old, it has several benefits for the hotel industry. Guests want eco-friendly and healthy alternatives for their stay. Reclaimed wood is repurposed, so no new trees are being cut. And it doesn’t contain plastics or urea-formaldehyde, so it’s healthier to the air as well.

Using Reclaimed Wood in Hotels

Reclaimed wood is just as versatile as new cut wood, but with more character and personality. It fits right into biophilic design, providing a natural atmosphere in any area it’s installed.

There are studies that suggest that being in an environment that contains natural wood – including wood wall paneling or flooring – has a calming and soothing effect on people. By including reclaimed wood in the lobbies, restaurants, and rooms of your hotel, you gain these benefits instantly.

Reclaimed wood makes a beautiful addition to many areas of a hotel. It can be highly variable and with visible marks, or it can have a more subtle appearance. It can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, desks, and even headboards to give your guests a natural, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

Places to Include Reclaimed Wood In Your Design

Reclaimed wood can be used anywhere you would use new cut wood. It can also be used in different and innovative ways as well. If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas, check out these 5 ways you can include reclaimed wood in your hotel design.

1. Reception

hotel reclaimed wood wall paneling

1. Reception

The reception area is one of the first things that guests see when they enter your hotel. So, set the stage at this point with reclaimed wood wall paneling. Wall paneling adds interest and dimension to the wall. The variation of the wood also includes enough color to let you pick up accents elsewhere in the room for a cohesive design.

2. Dining Room

Reclaimed wood hotel dining room

2. Dining Room

Create the perfect dining atmosphere by including reclaimed wood wall panels and ceiling beams in the design. Reclaimed wood’s richness and depth will help create a relaxing area for diners to sit back and enjoy themselves. The varying tones of the wood give you plenty of options for choosing flooring, chair, table, and napkin colors to match.

3. Bathrooms

hotel Bathrooms

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one area where people often go to unwind or relax at the end of the day, particularly if your hotel also offers tubs or performance showers. Adding antiqued wall panels to your design helps add to that relaxing feeling. Reclaimed wood wall panels can be used as accents in the bathroom to complement any style.

4. Desk and Counter Fronts

wood wall panels

4. Desk and Counter Fronts

Wall panels don’t have to be used only on walls. They also make an innovative surface front for desks and counter areas. The panels can be installed with the wood moving vertically or horizontally to give you a variety of appearances. Using a wood panel that has many tones helps add to the richness and interest that the reclaimed material brings.

5. Bedrooms

hotel bedrooms

5. Bedrooms

The bedrooms in a hotel are the biggest draw and the place where guests are likely to spend the bulk of their time. Using reclaimed wood in these areas creates a warm and home-like environment that encourages them to relax. You can use reclaimed wood on the walls, ceilings, floors, or headboards of rooms, and all of these areas can help add to the interest of the space.

Cozy Up Your Hotel with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is beautiful, versatile, and eco-friendly. It has biophilic attributes that will help it fit in well with what guests are looking for in hotels these days, and can help create a relaxing and cozy environment. Visit Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to find out more about how you can include reclaimed wood in your hotel design, and start giving your guests the cozy atmosphere they desire.

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