Choosing the Right Reclaimed Wood Conference Table For Your Office

January 24, 2019

No conference room is complete without the conference room table. This crucial piece of office furniture is the place where employees gather, meetings take place, and deals are struck. And with the amount of visitors that usually meet here, it’s common for the conference room table to say something about the company as well. This could be a powerful and visual statement, a reaffirmation of brand, or a statement of the company’s values.

For companies that are looking to impress, while at the same time want an office table made of eco-conscious materials, consider taking a look at custom made, reclaimed wood conference tables. Using reclaimed wood in commercial spaces is the ideal way to upgrade your space, whether it’s for office furniture or an apparel store. Reclaimed wood is beautiful, heavy duty, and filled with craftsmanship, and designed to impress anyone who sees it. It’s also better for the environment than new cut wood, helping your company make the statement it’s after.

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What Your Conference Table Says About Your Office


A conference room table is often the dominating feature within a conference room. And whether it’s used solely by staff or for hosting clients, the way that it looks and is arranged makes a big statement about your office.

The first thing to consider is the shape. Rectangular and U shaped tables offer the most space and usability. Round tables tend to leave little room for workspace and creates no focal point or speaker head.

The second thing to consider is the size. The conference room table needs to fit in well with the room, and leave enough space for everyone using it. This is where altering the shape can sometimes come in handy, letting more people fit into a given workspace.

Finally, the material itself comes into question. Gone are the days of using plain, steel conference tables. The meeting table needs to look the way you want your office to be projected. Reclaimed wood, with its durability, beauty, and versatility, combined with its history, long use, and eco-friendly status can say a lot of good things about your business to anyone that enters the room.

What is Reclaimed Wood?


Reclaimed wood is solid wood that has had a previous life. It’s taken from barns and other old buildings more than 100 years old, cleaned, milled, and given a new life. Because wood can be used for hundreds of years, reclaimed barn wood still has a lot of life left in it, and can continue to be put to good use.

Reclaimed wood conference table tops utilize this material in a variety of ways. They can be fitted and polished to look more like a new wood table, but with a richer patina, or they can have a more unique appearance.

Reclaimed barn wood may show the marks of its past use, including saw marks, nail holes, knot holes, and patina. It may also be made of mixed wood, meaning that the reclaimed barn wood may come from different structures and sources, and may be made of different species. This can give your reclaimed wood conference table a lot of depth and interest.


Designing a Reclaimed Wood Conference Table



Your conference table is the meeting place for clients, employees, and customers, so it’s important that it makes the statement you want. Reclaimed wood conference tables can be custom made to your specifications. This includes the custom size and shape of the boardroom table, as well as the edging, finish, and the type of reclaimed wood you want to utilize.

You can have the conference table finished with a modern office flare or you can give it a more rustic vibe. The idea is that you are building a table that will match your company’s brand, while creating beautiful and impressive custom furniture for use in any conference area.

Reclaimed wood table tops can be paired with wooden, resin, acrylic, or steel legs to create a unique look that also encompasses the table base. Pairing the natural wood top with a steel base is a common choice that gives a contrasting look of these two materials. The table legs can be as long as you need them to accommodate all members of your staff, and can be given a finish that will catch the eye of everyone who approaches.

When designing your custom furniture, be sure to keep the overall style of your conference room in mind. Reclaimed wood furniture can be dramatic or quiet in appearance. Depending on the statement you want to make with it, you may choose to use a single origin wood that has been milled and polished to a perfect sheen. Dark walnut tables are ideal for formal spaces and add an air of luxury to any space. These can also be used as an individual reclaimed wood desk for chief executives. Or you may choose to use a mixed antique wood top that allows the saw marks and varying levels of patina to show through.


Make the Right Statement With Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wood conference table does more than simply creating a meeting place. It also makes a statement about your company and your values. The durability, beauty, and history of the wood will speak volumes without you having to say a word. Start the process of building a reclaimed wood conference table with Elmwood Reclaimed Timber today and create a conference room that matches your company’s brand in every way.