Reclaimed Wood Ceilings For Residential And Commercial Applications

January 10, 2019

The ceiling is frequently known in interior design circles as the fifth wall. This often overlooked area of a room can have a profound impact on the way the rest of the interior design is perceived. And while there are numerous ways that you can diy, decorate or makeover the ceiling of a residential or commercial building, not all of them are going to be appropriate for the space. Many elaborate ceilings are too formal for home design, while commercial buildings need a ceiling that can reflect their brand and values.

Thankfully, there are options for those that want a ceiling with warmth, personality, and a lot of character. Ceilings enhanced with reclaimed wood have all of those characteristics and more. By using weathered wood planks that had a past life, you get all the charm, interest, and character of that past, combined with the universal appeal of real wood.

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Check out these 8 reclaimed wood ceiling designs to see what may be possible for your home decor project.


traditional cross beams

There’s nothing like a warm, weathered wood ceiling crossed with wood beams to create a casual and rustic look for any room. Reclaimed wood ceiling beams add instant character and charm to a room. You can add wood beams to an existing ceiling, or use reclaimed wood paneling on the ceiling itself, then cross it with bars to add even more dimension to the space.


vaulted ceiling

High, vaulted ceilings are a spectacular sight no matter where they are. But many elaborately designed ceilings can make a room with a high vault seem cold and impersonal. Using reclaimed wood planks on the ceiling, along with reclaimed dimensional lumber for added support creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere, while still showing off those spectacular heights.


rustic wood ceilings

You don’t need to have a very decorative ceiling to have an impact on the space. This wood plank ceiling made of reclaimed rustic wood and studded with square recessed light fixtures creates a rustic modern vibe that is ideal for many of today’s office spaces. With more studies showing that natural materials like real wood have a positive impact on office workers, a ceiling like this sets the tone for a warm and dynamic workplace.


dimensional lumber

Round rooms and cylindrical spaces have a natural focal point built right in. The eye automatically gravitates to the center of the ceiling so by showing it off through a combination of reclaimed ceiling panels and dimensional lumber can make a tremendous impact. This ceiling calls to mind a spoked wheel, perfectly expressing the shape of the space, while the many shades and tones of the reclaimed lumber make a beautifully shaded statement.


paneled ceiling

Reclaimed wood paneling is made up of many different pieces of barnwood taken from a variety of old barns. This solid wood often retains the marks of its past life, including saw marks, nail holes, and patina. Pieced together, the various patinas create a lot of movement and dimension for the ceiling that adds a rustic wood charm and interest to the room.


antique paneled ceiling

Antique reclaimed wood has a gravity and personality that can’t be matched with newer materials. For some formal spaces that need some warmth and age to look their best, antique paneling is the ideal application. Crossed with reclaimed antique beams, this ceiling has personality for days. If your ceiling can’t bear the weight of solid wood beams, there is also the option of faux beams to achieve the same great design with lighter materials.


reclaimed paneling

Reclaimed wood planking and dimensional lumber don’t have to be used solely in more rustic settings. When used in a repetitive manner, they can also take on a more contemporary look that fits in well with transitional settings of all styles. Breaking up the sections of ceiling further enhances this effect and modernizes the look without sacrificing any charm.


reclaimed dimensional lumber

Reclaimed dimensional lumber can be used the same way you can use new cut wood. In this case, the reclaimed lumber was suspended for a more contemporary look. The warmth of the old wood helps keep the ceiling from looking cold or industrial and adds some interest to the space.


Reclaimed paneling and dimensional lumber add a lot of personality and charm to any space. Whether you’re finalizing a formal living room, or you’re trying to inject some warmth into a corporate office, turning your attention to the ceiling is a great place to start. Projects can be large or small, and may be a great home improvement project for diyers to tackle.

Using the warmth of reclaimed wood also adds history and interest at the same time. Take a look at the reclaimed lumber at Elmwood to add to your ceilings and create the perfect style for any setting.

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