A Look at Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring and Paneling

June 15, 2018

Reclaimed hardwood has its own distinct look and charm and this is something that cannot be replicated with newly cut woods. The original saw marks, nail holes, and rich patina developed over the last century are what helps to tell the story and provide the look that is highly sought after today. The lumber was used across the unites states in barns, homes, and industrial buildings before being carefully deconstructed and sent to the mill.

In its second life, the wood can be used for a wide range of applications such as wide plank flooring, wood paneling, countertops and furniture to name a few. These hardwoods offer great color tones in their natural state and many can be stained to achieve just the right color variations for the needs of every project. With today’s milling technology, the installation process does not deviate from the installation standards of traditional new cut hardwoods and this makes it easy to install these beautiful woods.

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Reclaimed Rustic Oak Flooring

Reclaimed Rustic Oak flooring in all it's glory.

Reclaimed Hickory Hardwood Paneling

Light To Dark Tones Produce Vibrant Contrast In Reclaimed Hickory

Not all reclaimed wood flooring is created equally. Buying from a reputable company that specializes in reclaimed wood products is not only going to get you the overall look you are going for, but you are going to receive a precision milled product that will install as expected without any added headache. The planks will have also been kiln dried to remove any dormant mold or insects that could be in the wood while also stabilizing the planks.  

Reclaimed Rustic Oak Island Top

This rustic oak island is the gathering place of this home

Antique white oak has just the right amount of character

Antique white oak has just the right amount of character

While the design elements of reclaimed wood make it an appealing choice to use in both commercial and residential projects, there are several additional benefits to these woods. Giving these woods a new life reduces the need for newly harvested lumber and improves the quality of our forests. The lumber quality from a strength perspective is much stronger that woods cut today, these hardwoods were able to grow much longer in old growth forests. That all being said, using reclaimed wood is a win-win for you and the environment.

Reclaimed Hardwood Coastal Collage Paneling

Reclaimed Coastal Collage Paneling

Reclaimed mixed hardwoods are a great way to add charm as well as being a truly environmental choice. By using a mix of wood species you are utilizing the material just as the pioneers who originally built the structures.

Reclaimed Elm Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed Elm Provides Endless Design Possibilities

Warm and inviting coastal collage

Warm and inviting coastal collage hardwood flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring and paneling has a wide range of looks and textures that make it possible to easily work these beautiful woods into any design. The rustic grades effortlessly lend themselves to rugged mountain homes to utilitarian spaces in the urban core. There is a graceful elegance that is found in the antique grades that tell the unique history in a subtle refined tone and makes these woods applicable for spaces ranging from modern to rustic. These woods have really lived and are patiently waiting to tell another story.

Reclaimed White Barn

Vintage White Barn

These woods are timeless and telling the stories of their past, present and future lives will be enjoyed for years to come. 

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