February 1, 2023

Every season we watch interior design trends come and go, much like the cyclical trends in apparel. Once again, this year we are seeing several trends fading away while some old trends from years past are coming back to life. But the one trend we can always count on is the use of real wood that can be cut smooth and customized to match the specifications in your new design.

Experts in the lumber industry are predicting there will be a high probability for growth in the use of reclaimed and sustainable woods. This translates to the design industry and we are excited to help all our customers join the green movement and utilize reclaimed and sustainable wood materials. The industry is also expected to see fast growth and high demand for multiple applications that include flooring, tabletops, wall coverings and bar tops.

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Let’s take a look at the more popular trends we will see this year.

1. Natural Materials

When it comes to interior design, there are few materials as coveted as real wood. Natural wood has a character, grain, and patina that is unmatched by any synthetic or engineered material. It’s also versatile enough to be used nearly anywhere in your home.

Natural wood has a long-standing appeal that brings warmth and a natural feeling to interior settings, creating relaxation and enjoyment of your home’s decor and atmosphere.

2. Eco-Friendly Sustainability

When you choose eco-friendly woods that been sustainably sourced, you are choosing the best design materials. Using reclaimed and sustainable wood products give new purpose to old and seasoned wood that has old growth rings you don’t find in fresh chopped lumber. And since old wood has already lived a full life, it’s a definitive choice for a new structure like your new home, office, business or commercial space.

Reclaimed wood can be used anywhere that new wood products can be installed, and it brings instant character and charm to any design. Sustainable modern design styles typically incorporate real wood into the final design delivery.

3. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design has become a focal point for builders and architects, such as maximizing the natural lighting and optimal air quality. This enables designers to come in and dress up the space with earthy components such as live plants that inspire the love of nature and create a comforting oasis for humans to enjoy and appreciate nature indoors. Incorporating elements from the outdoors give this trend an easy way for designers to utilize organic textures made from materials like wood. Unlike other trends, nature-inspired spaces are here to stay.

4. Accent Walls

When creating accent walls with durable, long-lasting wall coverings, many people choose to use wood plank wall panels in their homes, business and communal space. Wall paneling creates elegant, rich warm additions to your space. Whether you choose a wood filled with character or something with a more consistent finish, wood paneling can provide your space with a focal point. Vertical slats also give the ceiling a lift and makes the room feel larger.

5. Modern Curves

From round staircases to rounded furniture, and even hardware is seeing a softening of the edges that has been an integral aspect of modern design for a very long time. Rounded elements not only add dimension to your space, but helps your home’s energy flow together in harmony. Rounded corners provides softer edges that ultimately provides a calm, welcoming effect and it just feels good!

6. Arched Doorways

Curvy shapes and soft edges are making a comeback in the world of architecture. Wood ceiling beams always enhances this ‘look-n-feel’ by adding another dimension to the lines in the design. The dimensional layering effect is in full swing here … such a beautiful space with neutral energy for the whole family.

7. Antique Vintage Upcycling

Mixing vintage pieces into your design can make a big difference when it comes to landfill diversion efforts. So many tons of waste are ending up in our landfills more quickly than necessary. You can contribute to your eco-friendly design accents by simply visiting your local antique shop and by using reclaimed materials and reclaimed woods in your 2023 design.

8. Sliding Doors and Walls

Sliders take up less floor space. Less square footage too. Unlike a swinging door, they don’t tap a wall. Swinging doors take up space and furniture has to be out of the way. They all have their advantages, but be careful where you hang pictures or they might get in the way.

 9. Wood Grain Cabinetry

Wood grain is a gentle aesthetic that provides a place to relax and unwind from a long day. Recent trends in painted wood have been covering up the natural beauty of the wood grain in kitchen and bathroom cabinets for that consistent design, but letting the wood grain shine through with a simple finish adds texture and dimension to the space.

 10. Wood Furniture

Many people are starting to ditch their inexpensive furniture in favor of vintage and other reclaimed remnants that won’t end up in a landfill after a few years. That’s why we provide all kinds of woods that can be crafted into any type of furniture you can dream up!

Wood is a classic, timeless material for interior design applications. Real woods are a versatile choice because they pair beautifully with both classic and modern home styles. Unlike trends that come and go, hardwoods will never go out of style. And when you sell your home someday, hardwood flooring is always a coveted feature because of its classic appeal.

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Your next project is just around the corner. Browse our product galleries for more inspiration.