6 Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2022

August 26, 2021

While there are many types of flooring to choose from, few materials have the lasting durability and popularity of hardwood floors. Wood flooring has a timeless appeal that allows it to work well in nearly any setting from commercial to residential. Natural wood also has an added appeal that brings warmth and a natural feeling to interior settings, allowing occupants to relax and enjoy the home decor atmosphere.

No matter how much appeal nearly all forms of hardwood have, however, there’s always a few standout types of wood flooring that emerge each year. These trending flooring styles capture people’s imaginations and grow quickly in popularity once introduced. 

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In 2021, numerous hardwood flooring trends have emerged that are a continuation of the design trends seen in the past. This includes colors and flooring styles that are designed to have more staying power, so you can be sure that the wood flooring you install this year, will still be on-trend a decade down the road. 

Check out these hardwood flooring trends for 2022 to get inspired for your next remodel project! You can check out the latest trends prior to deciding on the new floor for your interior.  

1. Rich, Varied Colors

multi colored flooring trend

Floors are getting bolder in terms of color and style, and that includes hardwoods. While many hardwood floors have some amounts of subtle variation in them, newer trends are turning this up a notch. This means either utilizing a hardwood that has a naturally wild and bold grain, or that features a blend of different colors and mixed hardwood species together.

One way to get this look is to use a reclaimed wood blend. Blends pull differently sized planks and different wood tones, then finish them together for a cohesive look. 

Use a blend with rich variation like this one in sunny areas that can really let the colors show. Or, use it in an area where the colors can get shown off – this isn’t a floor that you’ll want to cover with an area rug.

2. Smokey Wood Floor Tones

Gray wood flooring trends

The color gray swept through the interior design world a few years ago, and no area of the home or office has been left untouched. This year, another trendy gray look is sweeping through the interior design world. 

Smokey toned floors offer additional drama and character to hardwood floors. These floors have a unique look to them that’s very appealing. They still have the warm undertone that hardwood flooring options are known for, but they also have a rustic, edgy look that is gaining in popularity. Almost any type of wood species can go through the process of creating a smokey look. These hardwoods get their color without having to apply stain. The wood planks are placed in a chamber where ammonia is released into the air. The wood reacts to the ammonia which causes the color change. Overall, the process gives the wood a dark tone and enhances the natural grain of the wood. 

3. Bleached or Whitewashed Floors

light flooring trend

For contemporary spaces, you can’t go wrong with a smooth, light, wide plank hardwood floor. Hardwoods naturally darken and develop a patina as they age. But, a floor that’s been whitewashed takes on an entirely new look that’s very appealing in modern design trends. 

Lighter wood tones help to brighten up a space and bleached or whitewashed wood tones create a relaxed and rustic atmosphere in a home. The process for bleaching a wood floor involves adding a chemical solution to the wood surface to remove the color or stain. Whitewashing will give wood a white look while still showcasing the natural wood grain. 

This also makes for a less busy floor, which in turn lets it work better with minimalist spaces. This floor can become the backdrop for a busy and vibrant room, or it can be the subtle complement of a quieter, more subdued space.

4. Rustic Textures

rustic flooring trends

Rustic floors have a lot of allure. They call to mind nature and natural textures and surfaces, which in turn have a calming effect on the viewer. 

Rustic flooring can be styled in a number of different ways. The floors may be brushed to bring out their texture, or they may be made of reclaimed wood that has had another life before being put into use as a floor. Reclaimed floors in particular feature nail holes, saw marks, and patina that add character to the floor. 

All rustic textures, however, can add a lot of depth to a room. They work well in cottages, farmhouses, lodges, and any home where a natural appearance and vibe are desired. 

5. Wide Plank Floors

wide plank flooring trends

The sizing of the planks that make up a hardwood floor seem to change every few years as different widths go in and out of fashion. One floor that’s had an enduring popularity and a recent resurgence is the wide plank floor.

Wide plank hardwoods are less busy than other wood floors, with fewer pieces going into the construction. This lets you see more of the grain and variation across each individual piece of wood. This creates a floor that’s more interesting and more subtle at the same time. For commercial spaces, it makes the ideal backdrop, while for residential settings, it helps create a homier atmosphere. 

Wide plank floors can be sanded smooth and contemporary or they can be rustic or reclaimed. No matter what style you opt for, they’re sure to make a big impression on your new floor.

6. Unusual Flooring Design

flooring trends 2019

While the typical floor layouts are still popular, there are new, innovative layouts that are becoming a popular flooring trend in homes. This creates more visual interest in the typical wood floor. Layout designs such as herringbone and chevron are two examples of flooring designs that make a big impression on your interior design

For the herringbone design, the planks need to be laid out so that they interlock in a diagonal pattern which helps to draw the eye in a specific direction. This is usually laid out so that the points of the herringbone pattern floor are parallel to the room’s longest wall. Chevron and herringbone are great options to add visual interest to your entryways, kitchen floors or living room

Hardwood floors will never go out of style. Built to last, these floors can survive a lot of use while retaining their beauty and charm. Choose new flooring that’s growing in popularity in 2022 to get these benefits, along with the interest and character that is sure to set these floors apart for years to come. Homeowners are looking for exciting, new flooring options! Find your next floor trend with the help of Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. Our experts are happy to help you find a wood plank floor that will make your home the talk of the block.

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