4 Benefits of Using Faux Wood Beams

November 15, 2018

Adding wooden beams to your interior design is a fantastic way of adding interest and detail to an otherwise blank area of the room. Antique wood beams with rustic details can add even more dimension to the room, taking an otherwise boring ceiling area and transforming it.

Faux Wood Beams Benefits

Solid wood beams have several challenges, even when using reclaimed beams. That’s why using faux wood beams or hollow beams made out of pieces of reclaimed wood can often be the better fit for your project and space.

Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams Are Lightweight


Solid wood may be beautiful, but it’s also extremely heavy, particularly when you consider a beam that is many feet long. Securing a solid wood beam to your home when it isn’t being used as part of the structure can often mean needing to reinforce areas of the walls. This adds to the expense of the project and can become invasive with some walls needing to be opened or moved to accommodate the beam.

Hollow wood beams change this. Because they’re made of ⅝” -inch thick pieces of wood that lock together on the edge, they’re significantly lighter than a solid beam. This means that a faux wood beam can be added for considerably less cost and labor, while still giving you the look and style you’re after.

Faux Wood Beams

Faux Beams Are Functional And Beautiful


Many people believe that beams have two functions: support or decoration. However, a hollow wood beam may have a third function as well. Much like a soffit may be used in the kitchen to conceal plumbing or wires, a hollow beam can be a great way to run wires, cables or even pipes through a space without opening up a wall or the ceiling.

Because the beams are completely hollow inside, it’s easy to use them to conceal cables or pipes that would otherwise need to be hidden beneath the drywall. This can mean lowering the costs of your renovation or remodel because you can leave existing walls and ceilings alone, add the decorative look of wood ceiling beams and run new wires or plumbing through the space all at the same time.

Like all wood beams, faux wood beams are also an excellent way to help hide ceiling flaws. If you have an older home that would benefit from the appearance of wood beams but you don’t want to completely remake the ceiling to support solid wood, faux wood beams can have real benefits. Because they aren’t solid, they can be more easily adapted to issues in the ceiling, such as bowing or sagging, disguising these issues and revitalizing the area.

Faux Wood Beams

A More Consistent Appearance


Wood is a natural material, which means that it’s going to have some degree of variation in size, color, grain and overall appearance from piece to piece and, sometimes, within one piece. Some of this variation is what gives wood its character and its beauty, but sometimes too much variation can be a problem to be avoided.

When it comes to ceiling beams, it’s ideal to have beams that are relatively the same shape and size to give the room a consistent appearance. But using solid wood beams means one of two things: paying more money for wood that has been milled to the perfect size – and often wasting wood in the process – or accepting a more miss-matched appearance.

When reclaimed wood is used to create the beams, there’s no wasted material. The pieces of wood are matched together to give you consistent results that still have the rustic, beautiful appearance of wood.

Faux Wood Beams

Reclaimed Wood Has Environmental Benifits


Faux beams are only made with as much material as you need. For example, a beam running along the ceiling may only need three sides, while a beam running along the ceiling and one wall will only need two sides.

This uses significantly less wood, while still giving you the beauty and character you want. When you choose reclaimed wood for your beams, you gain even more environmental benefits.

Reclaimed wood is real wood that’s already had a former life and use. This means that new trees are not being harvested and wood is not being wasted to make your beams. In addition, reclaimed wood faux beams contain no plastics and do not give off VOCs the way that some faux wood beams made from vinyl will.

Faux Boc Beams



Adding faux wood beams to your ceiling can have a lot of positive benefits on the looks and function of your space. With reclaimed wood, you can also get those benefits with less of an impact on the environment and with added character and interest from the wood itself.

With rustic finishes and warm wood tones, faux wood beams are designed to become a focal point and stunning accent in any room you install them in. Consider using reclaimed faux wood beams for your next interior renovation.

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