Dirty Top Wood Flooring: A Deeper Look at Rustic Wood Flooring

October 18, 2017

The term dirty top wood flooring is often used to describe a rustic grade wood floor that contains the original saw marks and wear left behind in reclaimed wood. The wear on these reclaimed wood products is from decades of use in old barns and structures, and is a type of wood flooring product that has limited supplies available. Sometimes also called hit and miss or skip planed, dirty top wood flooring and paneling is created by simply not removing the old original face of the wood boards leaving the original antique wood appearance intact.

While the name implies a “dirty face” or “dirty top” there is actually no dirt or debris on the finished hardwood flooring, it is merely a way to describe the overall look of the plank flooring or paneling being produced. Depending on the species of the wood there are variations in the overall color, tone and grain patterns of the finished hardwood floor.

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Dirty Top Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Using dirty top wood flooring in your home remodel can be a unique way to draw attention to your interior design. Dirty top wood flooring is uncommon, but when incorporated correctly, can increase the character and appeal of the overall home decor. There are many different wood species that can be utilized, including walnut, white oak, heart pine and hickory. Explore some of the ways our customers incorporated dirty top flooring in their interior to find some inspiration for your own home. 

Dirty top wood flooring

Rustic Dirty Top Pine Flooring Wide Planks And Long Lengths Enhance The Looks

Using wide planks and long lengths make an open space look large and inviting, while also giving it a modern design appeal. The two differing aesthetics come together to bring something truly beautiful to look at. Oaks are a wood species known for staining well, and the durability of the wood makes it an even better choice that will last for years to come. 

Dirty Top Flooring

Reclaimed Oak Dirty Top Floors Are A Classic

Original surface dirty top pine and white oak are two common species used to create rustic flooring and paneling. Heart pine flooring is prized for its warm rich pumpkin tones and is a durable wood that is available in wide widths and long lengths, as the trees used to produce the lumber were large, tall and straight. Oak flooring is a wood found in many barns and rural structures throughout the country and in it’s rustic form has a brown grey appearance.

Dirty Top Barn Wood Flooring

Dirty Top Barn Wood Flooring

Reclaimed barn wood is a classic choice for a dirty top wood floor. Enhanced by weather and the natural elements over long periods of time the antique wood has tons of character and charm. Barn wood flooring includes nail holes, sound knots and the original saw marks left behind from when the original boards were first created.

Dirty top oak flooring

Dirty Top Mixed Wood Flooring

True Rustic Patina Straight From The Barn

Utilizing mixed wood species is another way to create a dirty top product with great character. Because of the rustic nature of the flooring it can be hard to determine what a specific species is, yet, when multiple species are blended together the results are a floor that has natural variation in color and tone.

Dirty Top Rustic Oak Floors

Dirty Top Rustic Oak Floors

While there are many terms to describe dirty top wood flooring and paneling, the overall appearance is rustic with original mill marks left behind. At home in many settings from a rustic cabin to a modern office space this unique product has many uses.

Let Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Help You Find the Perfect Dirty Top Wood Flooring

Dirty top flooring is a one-of-a-kind material that can be incorporated in a range of interior designs. This hardwood floor merges together the past and the present to showcase a style that is unique to every home. To find a dirty top floor product that matches your home interior, contact the experts at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. We’ll help you to find a floor that complements your interior style.