Cabin Flooring: Design Options From Rustic To Traditional

November 20, 2017

Choosing the right wood flooring for a log cabin or a timber frame home is an essential part of it’s overall look and design style. Warm and inviting, the right wood floor can make the cabin more attractive and also perform better and last for generations to come. From more traditional hardwoods and pines to reclaimed and rustic planks, there are many great options available today.

When choosing a wood that will be both durable as well as beautiful there are a few key points to consider. Pines look great, but, will be softer and more prone to scratches and dents, which can also add to the character and charm of the floor depending on the look desired. Hardwoods will be a little tougher and also have a great look that can be repaired easily to give the floor a classic look that can be maintained over time. Reclaimed woods are a stunning choice and look truly authentic as well as having tons of character and a lived in look and feel. Another benefit to using reclaimed woods is that they already have imperfections from their prior uses, making them less prone to showing wear and tear over time.

Radiant floor heat is a warm and cozy solution to keeping the cabin heated all winter long. not only is radiant heat more comfortable, it is also the healthiest choice. When selecting a floor that will work well with radiant heat there are several options that will work well. Wood flooring is a top choice not only for it’s authentic look, but, also for the performance it will provide. Wood floors used in conjunction with radiant heat provide a base of material that when heated will hold the thermal energy longer than most other materials, creating a heat source that is more stable and consistent, keeping the rooms more comfortable.

Cabin Wood Flooring

White Oak Floors Are A Classic Choice

cabin wood flooring

Reclaimed Oak Flooring Adds Character And Charm

White oak is a great choice in a cabin or timber frame home. Light color tones combined with natural feeling character add visual appeal and keep the space bright and open feeling. As for durability, oak is a very tough floor and will withstand years of use and abuse making it a top choice for high traffic areas where friends and family will gather.

Cabin Wood Flooring

Barn Wood Flooring Is Truly Authentic

Flooring milled from authentic barnwood is another great option. With a distressed look and feel the planks look as if they have been in place for decades. Even when using a softer wood like pine, the original surface of the material has defining texture and other imperfections that will hide wear and tear as well as only look better with more age.

Cabin Wood Flooring

Antique Oak Floors Are Smooth With Tons Of Character

Cabin Wood Flooring

This Cozy Space Uses Different Woods On Every Surface

While most cabins utilize woods in many locations the use of different textures and color tones can help to visually break up the look, too much of a good thing can easily become overwhelming and not look good. Adding clean woods as well as reclaimed rustic wood in different areas is a great way to use a lot of wood while keeping the design in check.

Cabin Flooring

A Great Place To Relax In Nature

Small or large a cabin is a great place to unwind and relax. Spending time with friends and family or just reading a book and hanging out are some of the many benefits of being in a secluded location away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cabin Wood Flooring

Small Details Make A Big Impact

Cabin Wood Flooring

A Place For Family And Friends To Gather

Wide planks are right at home in any cabin and make the space feel larger than it actually is. Traditionally wood flooring was made from lumber that was not graded for a particular look, this resulted in wider and longer boards than are commonly found in home improvement stores today.

Cabin Wood Flooring

The Rustic Pine Planks Are Long And Wide

Reclaimed rustic grade material is prized for the original surface texture left behind from the original mill as well as decades of use as a previous structure, making it an ideal choice in a rustic cabin. Wide widths and long lengths are a big plus and enhance the looks of the floor.

Cabin Wood Flooring

White Painted Walls And Timbers Accent Rustic Floors

Cabin Wood Flooring

The Use Of Natural Materials Is Stunning

When designing or remodeling a rustic cabin or timber frame home there are a lot of choices. Wood flooring is a major decision and creates a foundation for the home, and with all of the options available can become overwhelming. Things to keep in mind include the overall design and look of the space as well as durability and performance, not to mention budget. Today there are more choices than ever and many great options,so, have fun with it and keep it simple.

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