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1/8" Eased Edge Detail

  • Our most popular option
  • Great for rustic tops
  • Looks great on top and bottom


1/4" Eased Edge Detail

  • Classic eased edge look
  • Softened edges are great for most applications
  • Great for all tops


3/8" Eased Edge Detail

  • medium eased edge
  • Great look top and bottom
  • Good look on old growth tops

1/2" Eased Edge Detail

  • Large eased edge
  • Very pronounced eased edge look
  • Popular in commercial spaces


Square Edge Detail

  • Classic square edge
  • Caution edges will be sharp!
  • Machined Edge


Bull Nose Edge Detail

  • A traditional favorite
  • Great for most applications
  • Easy to maintain edge


Small Ogee Edge Detail

  • Petite Ogee look
  • Simple but a little more formal
  • Compliments all wood species 


Large Ogee Edge Detail Detail

  • Classic Ogee look
  • More formal with simple lines
  • Flows with variety of styles 

Ogee With Fillet Edge Detail

  • Formal Ogee Look
  • Traditional molding profile
  • Great with many design styles


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