Vanauken Residence

Vermont Flooring

Chicago, IL

Go bold and enjoy the eye-pleasing color range found in a stunning blend of reclaimed hardwoods that each provide their own unique color and grain pattern. The Vermont Moonlight Medley was the perfect wood floor to bring this renovated attic space to life.  The room is filled with energy that makes for great entertainment and fun. Durring the day space is flooded with natural light and is perfect for bringing out the vibrant colors of the flooring. The project was a real success as the dark unused attic was transformed into a part of the home that is used as a communal and social space. 

Vermont Moonlight Medley
A place to Gather with Family & Friends
Vermont Reclaimed Wood Floor
Reclaimed Vermont Moonlight Medley
Rough Sawn Beams

Reclaimed Accents

Rough Sawn Beams

Vibrant Colors

Wide Plank Wood Floor
Natural Colors Provided by Nature

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