Wide Plank Walnut paneling

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. This is certainly true of American Walnut! The heartwood is rich dark brown to purplish in color with lighter tan sapwood. It is usually straight grained and texture is coarse and uniform.

Wide Plank Ash Paneling

Beautiful grain and just the right amount of character as well as color variations. From creamy white and light gray-brown in the sapwood to deep browns at the heart, and a grain that is commonly confused with oak.

Wide Plank White Oak Paneling

Traditional white oak, brilliant in every way. Smooth surface, brushed or original rustic faces combined with fresh color tones then finished with a variety of sheen levels. White oak has been widely used throughout history as a cornerstone wood.

Wide Plank Hickory Paneling

Wide plank hickory floors are usually straight grained, but occasionally wavy or irregular, hickory has a somewhat coarse texture. Hickory is a very strong wood that, if treated well, will last a lifetime with minimal wear.

Wide Plank Cherry Paneling

Traditional cherry provides the subtle character and charm of the classic hardwood that it is. One of the most sought after domestic hardwoods, cherry is known for its remarkably attractive figure and subtle beauty