Reclaimed Oak Paneling

Reclaimed oak! It's an instant classic. Prized for its durability and attractive grain pattern, our collection of prefinished original rustic, brushed and smooth surfaced reclaimed oak delights all the senses.

Reclaimed Hickory Paneling

The sapwood is very pale and wide, with a dark reddish-brown sapwood. Antique reclaimed hickory has richer tones and imperfections, sometimes with wormholes, making it one of our most stunning antique woods.

Reclaimed Elm Paneling

Reclaimed elm just happens to be one of our faves over here at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. The long straight grain, beautiful light color and of course it's our namesake. Sanded surface combined with just the right color tones and surface sheen, we know you too will feel the zen.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Paneling

Heart pine is literally the wood that built America. One of our most popular woods, Heart Pine is sought after for its rich gold, orange-red and pumpkin tones derived from the heart of the southern yellow pine species.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Paneling

Harvested in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Douglas fir is a very important tree species. Today, we reclaim this versatile wood from old factories and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber.