White Oak Benches

Light tan color tones feel warm and very natural. Consistent with a modern sensibility, white oak is a timeless choice. Perfectly at home in many sophisticated settings from kitchens to dining rooms as well as restaurants, office spaces and other commercial spaces.

Rustic Oak Benches

Reclaimed rustic oak is classic in every way, from it's original surface character to the color and tone of the wood. Saw teeth marks, nail holes and the original patina created by decades of use all add up to some really interesting and beautiful planks. If this wood could talk, imagine the stories it would tell.

Walnut Benches

Walnut is one of the most highly prized woods in the world. Deep and rich, walnut benches are at home in the kitchen or dining room as well as any restaraunt or commercial setting. Clean and modern with a very natural feel these benches will quickly become the centerpiece in any space.

Barnwood Benches

Original barnwood benches are 100 percent reclaimed from century old barns throughout the United States. With tons of character and charm they are at home in many settings. Rustic, yet modern and refined these classic benches are ready for a second chance in your space.

Antique Oak Benches

Antique oak is an instant classic. Reclaimed from structures with great history and containing a refined amount of character this wood has lived, really lived. Warn tan and golden color tones are attractive and inviting as well as very well adapted to a wide variety of spaces.