Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber

Our reclaimed antique cabinet lumber is created from antique wood reclaimed from century old structures. The old growth wood used to build barns, warehouses, mills, and bridges is given a new life as antique cabinet lumber applicable for a variety of custom projects. The wood has all metals removed, is kiln dried, and precision milled to your specifications. The dense wood and aged character of the reclaimed timber provide a feel that cannot be replicated by any modern application. Whether you want to build new kitchen cabinets with saw marks and nail holes, add paneling to an office wall, build a custom piece of furniture, or need trim for your home, we can custom create the boards you need.

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Reclaimed Antique Oak Rustic Cabinet Lumber

Rustic Oak

A handsome mixture of reclaimed rustic red and white oak. Original brown surface patina with saw teeth marks, nail holes and just the right amount of character, complimented by lighter undertones and a familiar grain pattern. Oak is a mainstay and...

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Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber - Antique Oak

Antique Oak

Our classic blend of reclaimed antique American oaks.  Reclaimed antique oak is a playful mixture combining the warm tones of red oak complemented by the golden and light brown hues of the white oak. The grain is mixed with a familiar attractive...

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Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber - Antique Elm

Antique Elm

Light in color with heartwood ranging from light tan to a medium reddish-brown, Elm has a long, straight grain pattern and a very attractive figure.  From the Civil War until the early 20th century, American elm was the most widely planted shade tree...