Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber

Our Antique Cabinet Lumber is created from Antique Wood reclaimed from century old structures. The old growth wood used to build barns, warehouses, mills, and bridges is given a new life as antique cabinet lumber applicable for a variety of projects. The wood has all metals removed, is kiln dried, and precision milled to your specifications. The dense wood and aged character of the reclaimed timber provide a feel that cannot be replicated by any modern application.

The Naturals Reclaimed Cabinet Lumber

Truly a unique old wood product, antique mixed wood cabinet lumber offers a wide variety of color tones and tons of character inherent in old wood. Our sourcing crew is able to select boards from various stocks and divert their energies to character and diversity. This makes for paneling emphasizing not only on quality, but individuality.

American Hardwood Cabinet Lumber

Old Growth Hardwood Cabinet Grade Lumbers offer a variety of looks to complement our antique reclaimed wood products. Our grading ensures that our customers find the right look, either with the more formal premium select grade or the knots and grain character inherent with our country select grade.