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From unfinished to prefinished, wire brushed or as is, with or without mortise pockets, we have you covered when it comes to options. If you need assistance navigating the many options we offer please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Finish Options

All of our mantels and shelves are available either unfinished or prefinished with a variety of colors and tones. 

Rough Sawn - As Is (Unfinished)

Rustic Box Beam - As Is (Unfinished)

Hand Hewn - As Is (Unfinished)

Rough Sawn - Clear Wax

Rustic Box Beam - Clear Wax

Hand Hewn - Clear Wax

Rough Sawn - Light Brown Wax

Rustic Box Beam - Light Brown Wax

Hand Hewn - Light Brown Wax

Rough Sawn - White Washed

Rustic Box Beam - White Washed

Hand Hewn - White Washed

Rough Sawn - Walnut Wax

Rustic Box Beam - Walnut Wax

Hand Hewn - Walnut Wax


Texture Options

Wire brushing is a great way to add a refining touch to any of our wood mantels and shelves.  This added step will raise the grain, enhancing the refined rustic appearance of the wood. Wire brushing a mantel that is going to be pre finished is a great way to refine the look and create a more consistant appearance. 

Rough Sawn - As Is

Hand Hewn - As Is


Rough Sawn - Wire Brushed

Hand Hewn - Wire Brushed



End Options

To further enhance the looks of your reclaimed wood mantle or shelf, consider adding our antique distressed ends.  We have developed a unique process that will blend the color of the newly cut lumber with that of the original surface. This is a step we recommend on prefinished mantels to ensure a consistant finish on all sides.

Rough Sawn - As Is

Hand Hewn - As Is

Rough Sawn - Distressed Ends

Hand Hewn - Distressed Ends




Grading Options

Only for square beam mantels!
Some of our wood mantles are created from antique timbers from barns and rural structures.  The buildings were constructed using a technique called Mortise and Tenon Joinery to create the structural frame of the building.  The Mortise Pockets are unique to each beam and an eclectic part of their appearance.  If you would like your fireplace mantel to be mortise free on at least one face, please let us know at the time you order.

Rough Sawn - Mortise Pocket

Hand Hewn - Mortise Pocket



Matching Corbels

Giving the appearance of a structural support beam coming out from the wall below the mantel or shelf, this is the perfect way to give your mantel or shelf the feeling that it has been there forever.

*Corbels will match the mantel/shelf they are ordered with (i.e. rough sawn or hand hewn, texture options, finish options and distressed ends will all match the mantel ordered)

Rough Sawn Corbels

Hand Hewn Corbels


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