You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

What is Antique Reclaimed Timber and where does it come from?
We reclaim wood and materials from old buildings, barns and rural structures that pre-date the 1930’s. Out of respect for our heritage and architectural history, we only deconstruct buildings and barns that are condemned, abandoned or beyond repair. All of our antique reclaimed timber is old growth wood harvested from the original, unaltered forests that were standing before settlers arrived. Only time and the elements have allowed for the unique and irreplaceable look of antique reclaimed timber. Whether you appreciate the beauty and quality of old growth wood through our select grade, or the old saw marks and dark patina of our Rustic Grade, you know that your purchase of any antique reclaimed timber product is an investment full of character.

My home has radiant heat. How will this affect my reclaimed wood flooring project?
Wood floors installed over radiant heat will provide trouble free service for the life of the floor.  Since wood is an excellent conductor of heat, radiant heating is an ideal heat source to use with wide plank flooring, the even distribution of heat is far more beneficial to the wood than a comparable forced air system. Be sure to tell the company installing your heating system that you plan to use wood as your flooring material so they can adapt the system accordingly if necessary.

Are reclaimed wood floors a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom?
Absolutely, if properly maintained a wood floor in a high use location such as a kitchen, bathroom, entry or hallway is a wonderful choice. In fact, you aren’t the first person to think of this. Wood floors have been used throughout all areas of the home for centuries.

I would like countertops, an island bar or table top made out of reclaimed wood. How can you help me?
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber creates custom counter tops, table tops and bar tops out of any of our reclaimed woods offered and cut them to any dimension desired. We will glue, sand and cut to size any counter top, bar top or table top to your design specifications as well as shape your counter or table top with a variety of edges.  Whether you are looking for a rustic oak top for a harvest table or a very refined, ultra-modern cherry or walnut top, we have the abilities to create most any look desired.  We also offer multiple surfaces such as antiqued, wire brushed, hand planed and hand hewn to achieve a certain look.

Is End Block Tile Flooring strong and will it last?
End block tile flooring is one of our toughest products. When wood is cut perpendicular to the growth rings it produces an almost impenetrable surface. End block tile flooring will last for generations and endure the test of time.

Why have reclaimed woods become such a popular choice in flooring, beams, cabinetry and mouldings?
As well as having profound environmental benefits, reclaimed woods have an aged beauty and quality that is unmatched. The old, nostalgic look of reclaimed materials is unsurpassable and truly unique.  And, as one of our customers put it, “How often do you invite friends over to look at your floor?”

Why is precision millwork so important?
Accurate and precise millwork is the key to success in every installation. At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber we use state-of-the-art milling equipment to ensure that every piece of re-milled lumber and every floor are precision milled for a perfect fit and finish every time. Every floor from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber comes ready to be laid. Pre-squared ends allow for direct installation, saving valuable time and installation costs.

Do you have a showroom?
We do, and we would love to give you a tour. We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm CST Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm CST. We also give presentations to architectural, design and professional builders as well as many government and non-profit organizations.

Will you come to our location to give a professional presentation? Do you provide large group tours?
We give presentations to architectural, design and professional builders as well as many government and non-profit organizations. We have a 5,000 square foot showroom on site and provide guided group tours of our facilities. Please contact our corporate office for further information at 1-800-705-0705.

Can I order my wood and have you store it?
Yes, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber can complete and package your order. Then store it in one of our warehouses for a nominal monthly storage fee.

What does the term "Green Building" mean?
Green Building refers to sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices that include low impact materials and processes.  The ultimate goal of green building is to reduce pollution, maximize energy use and incorporate the maximum amount of recycled materials possible.  This is done through utilizing innovative materials, technologies and designs that include timeless building techniques and new technologies.  Guidelines have been established through the LEED (Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design) Certification Process.  LEED is being used throughout the building industry, with commercial and government projects paving the way.  Many states and cities nation-wide have created requirements for new buildings to fall within LEED building standards.  LEED Certification for homes and residential developments is currently in the 'pilot' phase and is being created through the USGBC's (US Green Building Council) consensus processes by a national team of green home-building experts.  This pilot program began in August 2005, operating in close to a dozen markets across the United States.  The formal launch of LEED for homes is scheduled for the winter of 2006-2007.  This rating system will allow home buyers to identify newly constructed homes that are both environmentally friendly and more affordable to own.

Why should I choose to build green?
Green Building is the right choice to minimize the impact on the environment while at the same time incorporate the best technological practices available.  In addition, green homes and buildings use much less energy than conventional building designs, saving you money over time.

Is Elmwood Reclaimed Timber a green building supplier?
Yes we are.  All of our antique wood products are 100% reclaimed from old buildings, barns, rural structures and sustainable sources of reclaimed timber.  Other products we offer, such as antique limestone, tin and pavers, are also reclaimed from old structures.  All of our products are eligible for LEED points and considered applicable in the principles of a green built home.

Has Elmwood Reclaimed Timber participated in any LEED Certified Projects?
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber has provided various materials for many different LEED Projects including the Gold Certified Sunset Project in Olathe, Kansas.  Elmwood is also involved in many residential and commercial projects that may or may not utilize the LEED Certification, but do encompass many of the guidelines associated with it.

What are the primary sources of the products sold at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber?
We reclaim materials for our products from just about any type of structure that has the right materials, but the majority of our reclaimed wood and stone comes from old barns, grain bins and industrial buildings.  We also source different woods from around the country, such as Cypress from Louisiana, Redwood from California, Douglas Fir from the Pacific Northwest and Chestnut from New England.  We have quite an extensive network of suppliers in our industry, giving us the ability to find just about any native wood species found.  As you can imagine, the supply of reclaimed materials comes available only as much as the structures that are being deconstructed at any given time.  Our motto regarding special projects and material needs is "It is never a question of if we will find the wood, it is merely a question of when."