A board foot is the standard industry measure of wood measuring 12”x 12” by 1” thickness.  Usually only lumber is sold in board feet.

Equation:  Board Feet = rough width x rough thickness / 12”

Example:  A beam measuring 4”x 6”x 10’ is 4”x 6” / 12” x 10’ = 20 Board Feet


This is the amount of material required to cover one square foot of wall or floor space, disregarding the thickness of the material.

Equation:  Square Feet = width x length of space (wall or floor)

Example:  A room measuring 12’x 15’ is 12’x 15’ = 180 Square Feet

Elmwood uses the “finished width” of flooring to figure square feet.  Actual face widths vary from the width of the floor.  For example, a 9” width floor will have an actual face width of 8-1/2”.

Area of a triangle = ½ base x perpendicular height.
Area of a circle = π (3.14) x radius squared or diameter squared x .7854.
Area of a square = length x width.
Length of one side of a square x 1.128 = the diameter of an equal circle.
The capacity of a pipe = diameter squared (in inches) x the length (in inches) x .0034. Doubling the diameter of a pipe or cylinder increases its capacity 4 times.