Wood Kitchen Countertops: 9 Design Ideas For Lasting Results

May 18, 2018

Meet a design material that has been around for ages, and, has the right properties to last for generations. The choice to add wood countertops or an island top to your design brings in natural color tones and beauty that plays well with multiple home styles. We are seeing an upward trend in wood kitchen countertops because of the warm and inviting space they help cultivate. The wood countertops are custom crafted to the exact specifications needed by gluing full length boards together to achieve the size requirements. After the top is sized, it gets an edge detail in the appropriate sides followed by and sand that will prepare the top for a variety of applicable finishes. 

Several wood species are available in both newly milled and reclaimed woods to create the exact color and texture that will jive with the desired design of the kitchen. It’s also important to think about how you will use your wood surface in order to determine what the best finish option will be to protect the wood. If you plan to use the surface directly for food prep, it would be recommended to utilize a natural oil that is formulated to specifically be used in this way. If it is more likely that you plan on using the top as general use, you may be inclined to have a traditional water based product applied that will ultimately require less maintenance than a surface used for food prep.

Wood is, in fact, a great option for kitchen countertops on many levels, the wood can be repaired if scratched or damages occurs, the surface is easy to work on and clean up after food prep and the wood countertops are manufactured out of sustainable eco friendly sources. If cared for and maintained properly, wood countertops will stand the test of time and anything else you can throw at them. 


Reclaimed Wood Island Kitchen Countertop

Perfect for gathering around with family & Friends

The wood island top was crafted from reclaimed rustic oak and it brings together a wide range of natural colors and textures that developed over the last century. The nail holes and knots were filled and the top was finished with a commercial finish that will retain its beautiful glow for years to come.    

Walnut Wood Kitchen Countertop

The Natural Walnut Island Anchors this stunning kitchen

The natural brown tones found in the traditional Walnut island top pairs nicely with the energetic pop of color in the island base and the organic aged patina of the reclaimed hand hewn beams. The large island is made from sustainably harvested American Walnut from the midwest and is finished with a low sheen natural oil that can be maintained with ease.  

Elm Wood Kitchen Countertop

Wood Kitchen Countertops add just the right amount of warmth to a kitchen

The natural warmth and durability found in reclaimed elm lend itself to being a great option for reclaimed wood kitchen countertops. The long straight grain of reclaimed Elm provides just the right amount of character to create a truly timeless countertop. The image above is finished in clear, but a light stain can be added in order to produce the exact color tones needed for the space.  

Reclaimed Pine Kitchen Counter Top

A reclaimed wood countertop – both rustic and elegant

Can a reclaimed wood countertop be both rustic and elegant? Absolutely, reclaimed woods that are utilized to manufacture these beautiful countertops grew in old growth forests long ago and lying just under the patina and saw kerf is pristine quality lumber. The rustic countertops retain portions of the original saw marks and patina in order to create a refined rustic product that is suitable for everyday use.

Reclaimed Mixed Wood Kitchen Countertop

Mixed wood species create a medley of unique colors

Mix it up, using a medley of reclaimed woods create a unique look from the natural tones of each individual wood species. The mixture of hardwoods it true to the structures of which they are salvaged. Vintage barns were constructed from all of the woods available and rarely were constructed from a single species of wood. This Vermont Moonlight Medley wood countertop is sure to get the conversation started. 

Traditional Walnut Wood Kitchen Countertop

Dark Chocolate tones make walnut an undeniable wood kitchen countertop option

Sustainably harvested American walnut is an ideal wood species when looking for a dark tone countertop. The natural color of the Walnut turns to a warm chocolate brown when the natural oil is applied and the wood is a timeless option for just about every design style. 

Reclaimed Heart Pine Wood Countertop

Mix wood and stone for an unbeatable combination

Its possible to add some additional presence from the top by have it made with extra thickness. The reclaimed heart pine wood top was created from large three inch thick beams in order to produce a true two and a half inch thick wood top. The thickness helps to separate it from the rest of the kitchen and demand some additional attention.  

Reclaimed Hickory Wood Kitchen Countertop

Pair a cement island with Reclaimed Hickory Countertop Surround

In this Kitchen, the client chose to work with several surface textures and make the surrounding countertops spaces from beautiful reclaimed hickory and the Island from a smooth concrete. The hickory was sourced from large sleeper beams that supported the integrity of a majestic barn. The lumber salvaged from these beams is solid as a rock and handle the day to day grind of the kitchen with ease. Mixing texture and color tones in the kitchen makes things interesting and fun which leads to a warm and inviting space that can be enjoyed with friends and family for years to come. 

Reclaimed Oak Countertops can handle the punishment of the kitchen and then some

Antique Oak Countertops

Reclaimed oak is prized for many reasons, but when it comes to the kitchen it’s because of its extreme durability and stability. The mix of red and white oak create a unique color balance that works well together. The woods are full of character from the natural slow growth cycle as well as the decade spent of life in a hay barn. The finish is natural and draws out the warm rich color tones that spent a lifetime developing. 

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