September 18, 2018

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time in office environments. How and where we spend our time is an important part of overall health and wellbeing.


Ash Stairs

Stairs are an excellent place to gather

Everyone need a place to just sit and relax for a bit. Utilizing a light wood like ash creates a space where the mood is bright and radiates energy. A great place for an informal group to meet or just to hang out and have lunch these stairs function as a central place in the building where all are welcome.

Traditinal Walnut Walls

Traditional Walnut Walls Are Natural and Warm

An office can often become cold and non inviting for the people who spend most of their time there. Adding natural organic materials that feel warm and inviting to accent features changes the mood of the space from drab to fab. Walnut is a dark wood with classic looks that has soft grain patterns and adds a ton of character to walls, floors and tops, enriching the space and it’s inhabitants. 

White Oak Tops

White Oak Tops and Accents Brighten The Space

Clean and consistent with just the right amount of character white oak is a mainstay of design. For tops the wood is durable and clean providing a space to work, collaborate or just relax. This modern office is clean and flexible with ample light as well as comfortable for clients.

Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall

The Reclaimed Wood Wall Has An Organic Feel

We tend to be drawn to objects that are beautiful, including spaces we spend time in. Setting the tone is important, especially when entertaining clients. The impressions we are making on a daily basis are an important factor in all aspects of business and have a significant impact on many levels of an organisation from top to bottom not to mention client facing.

Antique Elm Paneling

Wood Walls Add Depth to The Space

In the work place there is not a more popular feature than adding wood to the walls. Not only is it the most visible way to enhance the looks it also stays beautiful. Floors can become scuffed by traffic, ceilings go unnoticed, but, walls stand out and add tons of pop in any space

Wood Walls

Rustic Paneling Sets The Tone

With lot’s to accomplish in a day our environment is an important factor in productivity. Combining modern and rustic elements helps to keep our mood upbeat and the creative juices flowing. Sometimes all you need is a simple wall clad in a contrasting organic material to add enough warmth and depth to the space to make it simply put more inviting and exciting. Rustic woods are a great way to define a space that needs a contrast.

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