Modern Retail Settings That Customers Love

August 25, 2018

A happy customer is one who will come back again and again, and, hopefully tell all their friends. Creating spaces customers actually love is a science indeed. First impressions are a must and you only have one chance to make a good one. When someone visits a store they are highly likely to size things up pretty quickly and a lot of times make their decisions based on the feelings they get from their first impressions. 

There are a lot of factors that go into what the customers first impression will be from how organized and clean the store is to what type of design and even the materials used in the design. While there are many different ways to organize and design a space, utilizing unique features is sure to attract attention and impress visitors.

Adding features that are warm and organic is a way to break up the space, making the customer experience calming and enjoyable. Reclaimed woods add a lot of depth to the space as well as providing a visual story of their past uses. There are lots of times when a small feature placed in the right location will be extremely dramatic and add just the right look. In other cases, when used well a floor, full walls or a ceiling treatment can set the tone for the entire space providing an anchor within the overall design that will set the tone for everything else.

Antique Oak

Light, Bright and Sustainable

With the feeling of going to a spa, the antique oak floors add a natural and organic warm feel to any space. As visitors enter they feel welcome and right at home, ready to browse the entire store. Utilizing warm tones and a timeless material with a story allows the customer to feel good about the entire experience and will make them want to return the next time they are looking for bath and home goods.

Antique Oak Bar

Customers Cozy Up To The Warm Bar

When locals think about fine wine or that special craft beer there’s only one place to go, not only is it one of the best selections around the atmosphere is second to none. One of the features that really stands out is the antique oak bar top and rustic surround, greeting clients and making them feel important and right at home. With just enough rustic texture and a look that is truly time worn the woods feel as though they have been there since the times of prohibition. 

Rustic Heart Pine Paneling

Rustic Woods Show Off Healthy Aparel

Everyone want’s to live a healthy lifestyle and loves a good story. There is just something about reclaimed rustic woods that perfectly showcases the luxury athletic apparel in this chic store. Rustic grade heart pine is used throughout to wrap columns, provide wall paneling and create fixtures including the main checkout area giving the space a modern yet comfortable and real feeling. 

Antique Lumber

Simple Fixtures Add Depth To The Experience

Not all elements need to be complicated or expensive. Adding a few simple touches like these reclaimed wooden planks to create hangers for jeans, pants and various apparel is a great way to incorporate small rustic elements that make a statement.

White Barn Door

First Impressions Matter

With tons of choices available to customers it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Adding special elements and fixtures to retail stores is a unique way to set yourself apart. Whether it is a display or a permanent functioning part of the design concept, adding elements that will be remembered can help in standing out. Antique lumber provides a base material with character and can be painted or left natural depending on the desired results.

Antique White Oak Tops

The Modern Display Feels Antique

Creating a modern and comfortable setting for luxury home goods where clients can relax and browse at their leisure requires a keen sense for style and an attention for details. Classic antique white oak combined with a muted finish was chosen to create a look that was both timeless as well as fresh and contemporary.  One of the goals with the display pieces was to create a representation of what can be possible when crafting custom furniture using reclaimed materials. This exquisite store not only sells home goods but is also a full service design group that can have one of a kind pieces made for thier clients to order.

Vermont Floors

Mixed Woods Are Colorful and Fun

As an eco concise company it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. Using mixed reclaimed woods for the floors not only shows recycling at it’s finest but adds depth and a little color to the space. When customers first come in they are almost certainly drawn to the floors and are sure to know they are 100% reclaimed adding to their unique experience. 

Antique Oak Floors

Reclaimed Wood Floors Ready To Be Walked On

When authenticity matters few materials get the results like antique reclaimed wood flooring. Combining true aged patina and character marks left behind by decades of use these woods have a story all their own, not to mention an environmental tale to tell.

Traditional Walnut Paneling

A Sign That Makes A Statement

When promoting your brand it is important to stand out from the competition. Traditional walnut lends a dark rich backdrop to this store entrance and creates a modern and organic feel that carries through the space.

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