Hickory Wood Floors: Durable, Attractive And Surprisingly Affordable

August 21, 2017

Hickory has become a popular choice for wood flooring, homeowners, designers and architects have been specifying the use of hickory for a wide variety of reasons. To better understand if hickory floors are the right choice for your project, let’s take a deeper look at the unique properties and benefits of the wood itself.

Wood flooring made from hickory is one of the toughest and most durable floors available. While there are lots of wood species that are available and work well as flooring, hickory is by far the hardest and most durable of all domestic woods. Commonly used to make baseball bats and golf clubs, it’s a wood with incredible strength, density and resistance to wear and tear, making it one tough floor that won’t scratch or dent easily.

The grain pattern found in hickory flooring planks combines a wide range of brown, red and tan color tones with lots of natural character. This wide range of colors combined with mineral streaks and knots makes hickory a sophisticated wood that has a slightly antique appearance that lends itself to an authentic look.

Rustic, traditional or modern spaces are all candidates for a hickory floor. With enough color variation and character to feel natural and clean, Hickory is a great wood to finish clear. Options for adding color range from browns to golds and even whites, and can be used to accentuate the character of the wood while making the color more consistent and even. Adding a white treatment will make the floor more consistent and pale, perfect for modern settings.

Easy to maintain, hickory is very durable and will not show wear and tear like many other wood species will. Lightly damp mopping weekly or as needed combined with dust mopping or vacuuming to keep dust and debris off of the floor is really all that is needed to keep a hickory floor in good shape and make sure it lasts for many generations. Sanding and refinishing is not needed as frequently as with other species of wood simply because the wood is so dense and resistant to wear.

Traditional Hickory Floor

Light and bright, hickory floors are a great choice

Traditional Hickory

Natural character is a hallmark of this tough wood

Most of the hickory flooring commercially available is made using narrow planks and lengths from as short as 8″ to the longest planks being 4+- feet long at best, creating a busy floor that looks unnatural. Using wide widths and long lengths adds to the character of the flooring and shows the natural grain pattern well, also reducing the number of visible seams in the floor. The use of wide widths and long lengths also has the benefit of making rooms feel larger and less cluttered, creating a better overall look and feel.

Traditional Hickory Flooring

Traditional Hickory Flooring

Traditional hickory flooring is a classic choice indeed, combining all of the color and character found in this majestic wood species.

Rustic Hickory Flooring

Rustic Hickory Flooring

With the same color tones and grain pattern character as traditional hickory, rustic hickory takes things one step further adding original milling marks to create a surface texture.

Fresh Garlic - Sanded Hickory

Fresh Garlic – Sanded Hickory

Fresh garlic adds a hint of white pigment that helps even out the color tone of the wood and gives it a slightly muted and modern feel.

Rock Salt - Brushed Hickory

Rock Salt – Brushed Hickory

Muted white tones with a lightly brushed surface texture make hickory rock salt a very soft feeling floor that fits well in many spaces from traditional to modern.

Hickory Stick - Sanded Smooth

Hickory Stick – Sanded Smooth

The rich brown tones of hickory are enhanced and made more consistent, adding to the warmth and authenticity of the floor.

Pitmaster - Brushed Hickory

Pitmaster – Brushed Hickory

Natural variation in the lighter sapwood to the darker heartwood is accentuated and highlighted using a reactive treatment that is complimented by a lightly brushed texture and has a soft look and feel.

Hickory flooring is a great choice in a wide variety of spaces and will last for generations. With many color and texture options available as well as the possibility to create a custom bespoke hickory floor to your exact design specifications, the possibilities are almost endless. 

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