Cherry Wood Wall Paneling: The Perfect Accent for Any Space

February 13, 2020

cherry wood panel

Cherry wood is one of the most popular and frequently sought out wood species for use in the home. Whether it’s left natural or given a stain, cherry has a rich, warm color that instantly enhances everywhere that it’s installed.

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Wood wall paneling is becoming more popular as a way to add an accent and some interest to a room. Many homeowners and building owners have been looking for the perfect complement to their decor. Cherry wood wall paneling can make a space look warm, inviting and natural, while enhancing the rest of your interior design.

About Cherry Wood Wall Panels

cherry wood

Cherry is a domestic hardwood of medium strength that’s fairly easy to work with. It has a natural red tone to the wood that grows darker with age as it’s exposed to sunlight and humidity, eventually deepening into a rich, orange-red color.

Natural cherry can vary from very light to fairly dark depending on where the wood is harvested. The sapwood of the tree is a creamy white in color while the heartwood ranges from red to a deep reddish brown. The wood is a very straight throughout with an even grain that gives the wood subtle character and a lot of beauty.

cherry wood paneling

Cherry is a fairly flexible wood that is easy to machine, nail, and glue. Once it’s been dried, it’s also extremely stable which makes it ideal for a lot of finish work such as flooring, cabinets, and wall panels. It takes a finish very well, and the natural warmth and character of the wood will shine through no matter how deep or dark the tone you want.

cherry panel installation

Cherry wall paneling is ideal for residential settings. Whether the wood is natural or stained, it brings a lot of warmth to the room it’s installed in. Kitchens, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms can all benefit from using cherry panels on the walls or the ceiling.

Where to Use Cherry Panels

cherry panel residential areas

Wall paneling is a bit of a misnomer, because while it can be installed on walls, it can also be installed in many other areas of your home as well. Cherry wall paneling is no exception; it can be installed in many commercial and residential areas to bring warmth, dimension, and interest to an area.

Accent Walls and Columns

cherry accent wall

This restaurant makes excellent use of cherry wall paneling in a variety of ways. Antique cherry is used as wall paneling on both the short sections beneath the windows and on the taller sections framing the doorways. Cherry wood paneling is also used in a vertical application on the columns located in the middle of the room, and you’ll also see it as part of the ceiling design. Together, all of these panels help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for the restaurant that blend well with the decor.

The sleek wood floor also adds some contrast when combined with the rustic cherry wall panels, which helps the restaurant take on a more transitional style.

Rustic Ceiling

cherry wood rustic ceiling

If you have a high ceiling in any room of a home or commercial space that needs a little extra character, cherry wood paneling can be combined with solid or faux beams to create a warm and unique ceiling application. The rustic cherry paneling used here still features some of the nail holes from its original use. This blends well with the ceiling beams that also show signs of their original use and wear. Together they add character to an area of the room that frequently gets overlooked.

Add cherry paneling to a bedroom ceiling for an instant lift of the decor or consider adding it to a family room to help set the stage for a rustic interior design.

Bathroom Paneling

cherry wood bathroom panel

Natural and rustic bathroom designs are always a popular trend. Bathrooms are increasingly becoming the area in the home where people go to relax and get away from it all at the end of the day, and having a rustic bathroom design is one way to help create that feeling.

The cherry wall paneling installed on the sloping wall above the vanity helps bring some warmth and color to the room. The cherry will naturally darken in the humidity of the bathroom, developing a richer color as time goes on, adding even more contrast to the cool-toned granite countertops below. The rustic wood cabinets installed in the room help to complement the cherry and add a little contrast in terms of color and depth.

The Many Benefits of Cherry Wood Wall Paneling

cherry wood wall panel benefits

Cherry is rich, warm, and versatile. It’s also one of the most popular hardwoods for use in the home due to its beautiful color and depth. Whether you want to add some natural cherry paneling as an accent to a kitchen island or some deep, stained cherry paneling to a home office, cherry wood wall paneling can add beauty and interest to any room it’s installed in. Consider adding some cherry wall paneling to your next project to help capture its beauty for yourself.

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