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See who is talking about Elmwood.  Our recent published articles contain all sorts of useful information(most of it regarding reclaimed building materials).

Better Living Kansas City October 2012 – Renovation of Historic Drum Room Interview
Our Vice President of Sales Brent Kroh discusses the Renovation of Historic Drum Room with The Better Living Kansas City Show.

Kansas City Home & Gardens Magazine - Reclaiming History 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber published article in the December 2003 issue of Kansas City Home & Gardens Magazine. 

Kansas City Star Newspaper - Good Mill Hunting  
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber published article in the June 13 2004 issue of Kansas City Star Newspaper.

Kansas City Business Journal
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Eco-Friendly: It's a trend that's growing published article in the June 13 2004 issue of Kansas City Star Newspaper. Eco-Friendly: It's a trend that's growing

Tree 911 
Recycling Program Saves Urban Trees 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber published article Tree 911 Recycling Program Saves Urban Trees in the June/July 2005 issue of Hardwood Floors Magazine. 


A Very Old Bar Top 
The island bar top is made from reclaimed wood, put together by Elmwood Reclaimed Timber of Kansas City, Mo. 

What to Expect With Reclaimed Wood 
If you own an old house, you already know the satisfaction of having something that’s unique, and when you renovate, you look for one-of-a-kind materials. Unlike other materials whose appeal lie in their looks, reclaimed wood has beauty and history. Click What to Expect With Reclaimed Wood view the article.

How to Buy Reclaimed Lumber 
Not surprisingly, people are going to great lengths to find reclaimed wood that makes a stylistic statement about themselves and their homes. Click How to Buy Reclaimed Wood view the article.

Countertops With Character
Wood-slab countertops are all the rage. Click Countertops With Character view the article.

Using the past to reach the future 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is a unique operation – one of few like it in the country. It is in the business of giving old building materials life again for use in new construction and historic renovations. To view the full story please click Using the past to reach the future

Simply Sexy Structures 
What makes a warehouse sexy? 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber receives top craftsmanship honors for their work performed at the Johnson County Sunset Building.
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The New York Times Room to Improve 
November 15, 2007
Room to Improve
Q. What is a good alternative to conventional hardwood flooring?
A. Hardwood strip flooring is the most common type of wood flooring used in residential interiors, but there are other choices, and they can give your floors a different look and feel.
One of the best is end grain wood flooring. While strip flooring normally comes in pieces cut lengthwise from lumber, end grain flooring comes in sturdy blocks cut from the ends of pieces of lumber. It makes for a durable floor with an interesting grain pattern because the end of the wood faces up. Once used primarily in demanding environments like factories, it is increasingly being used in homes.
Dufner Heighes, a New York interior design firm, has put end grain flooring in a number of recent projects. “In a residential setting you’re taking this old industrial material and transforming it,” said Daniel Heighes Wismer, who runs the firm with Gregory Dufner. “It becomes this great texture on the floor and, once it’s finished, it’s very smooth and nice to walk on.”
Mr. Wismer discovered end grain flooring while designing a Coach store with another architect. After spotting it in Coach’s old industrial offices, he specified it for the new store, and has been using it since — even in his own apartment in Greenwich Village.
“It’s actually perfect for New York because it’s so easy to install,” he said. “There’s no subfloor required, and you can put it right over concrete.”
Another option is antique wood flooring. Companies like Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, a Kansas City, Mo., company, sells similar flooring to homeowners; antique barn wood flooring costs $8.45 to $13.35 a square foot ( or 800-705-0705).

Reclaiming the Past 
A Kansas City company makes countertops, flooring and more out of reclaimed wood.
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Reclaimed Wood Is Beautiful and Green 
Reclaimed Wood Is Beautiful and Green -  the title of the article in the June/July 2008 issue of Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is Beautiful and Green and our products are highlighted in the article. For more information on this article visit   

Five Products You Should Check Out 
Worth Considering: Five Products you should Check out
#1. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Inc. manufactures and markets the highest-quality reclaimed wood products, which adhere to standards embracing the company's deep respect for the environment. Every product created by Elmwood, including wide plank flooring, countertops, beams and cabinet lumber, has been made by using wood salvaged from sustainable sources. All antique reclaimed timber is old-growth wood harvested from the original, unaltered forests that were standing before settlers arrived. Out of respect for cultural heritage and architectural history, only structures that are condemned, abandoned or beyond repair are deconstructed. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber just had a portion of its products gain the designation of Forest Stewardship Council-Recycled accreditation. The recognition adds validity to an already green team, which is working on having other inventory items similarly cited.
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Reclaimed Wood Countertops Create a Natural, Warm Feel to any Kitchen or Bar. 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Creates Counter Tops, Table Tops and Bar Tops
Reclaimed Wood countertops create a natural, warm feel to any kitchen or bar. They are beautiful and have a character you will not find in other materials. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber creates counter tops, table tops and bar tops from wood that is re-milled once reclaimed from the previous use. Beams from century old barns and planks from dilapidated warehouses provide dense wood filled with character that can only be produced from years of exposure to the elements. These recycled timbers are carefully removed from the structures and delivered to Elmwood Reclaimed Timber a custom mill located in Kansas City, Missouri.
The creation of a custom wood counter top is a process that requires the hands of a true craftsperson. Each plank is hand selected for the top that is ordered. After the material has all of the metals removed, the wood is kiln dried to stabilize the planks and kill any potential infestations that maybe dormant in the material. Once the material is kiln dried, it is created in to a custom top in the mill. The planks are sawn to the proper thickness in a random width pattern with the amount of character specified by the customer. The finish levels range from rustic surfaces retaining saw marks and nail holes to select surfaces that are void of saw marks, yet retain some knots and character associated with antique wood. Multiple planks are biscuit and glued together to create a stable top. Once dried, the particular shape (including cutouts for sinks) specified by the client is sawn from the wood slab. A variety of edge options can be applied to each top. Once complete, the tops are delivered and ready to install.
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Recycled Materials Make Countertops Visually Vibrant, Eco-Friendly 
If you’re looking for an all-natural option, Elmwood Reclaimed Timber in Smithville specializes in reusing wood from old barns, houses, schools and other sites.
“We’ve created kitchen countertops out of almost any species, from something very clean to something very rustic with a patina to it,” says Brent Kroh, Elmwood sales vice president. “
Visit: to read the full articSuccess Comes out of the Woods 

Success Comes out of the Woods 
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber gives second life to old lumber and other building materials.
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Top Sources For Vintage Wood and Stone 
Reclaimed, Reborn and Well-Loved
The folks at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber feel like they're involved in a kind of miracle, finding ancient bridges and old factories that are abandoned and torn down, taking the wood from structures and giving it a new life in modern buildings. The heart and soul present in the flooring they create might be found in its original incarnation "in a really old, small-town hardware store - but they'll be walking on it and it's not for sale," the company explains. This is a company that is not deterred by the time, cost and effort entailed in procuring the reclaimed timber, and is passionate about quality and workmanship. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber offers a wide range of products, including stair parts, paneling, wood tops, fireplace mantels, barn wood siding (our favorite!), and antique stone and tin. Visit, or call (800) 705-0705 to order a product brochure.
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Old is New Again
Eco Friendly Reclaimed Wood Makes a Fresh Design Statement.
Cottages and Cabins Magazine May 2010
Eye-Catching Floors
Old wood lends an historical footnote to your home that is reflected in each plank sold by Elmwood Reclaimed Timber of Smithville, MO. Flooring, beams and other reclaimed wood options are available.

The Un-Hamptons 
Francis D'Haene reinvents his friends' barn-style house using Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Products in the quiet waterfront hamlet of Remsenburg, New York
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Going Green With Paula Deen 
Going Green Beneath Your Feet
Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine September 2010
Your Family cooks here, eats here, and gathers here. Try giving your kitchen an even larger purpose with reclaimed wood products from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber.
It has a history and can breathe a feeling of wisdom into a kitchen, flooring, ceilings, wall beams, and even countertops by Elmwood Reclaimed Timber.
Please Read The Full Story: Going Green with Paula Deen.pdf
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The Greenest Restaurant in America 
Move over Portland, Seattle and Boston. It's official. The greenest restaurant in America is in Omaha, Nebraska. That's right...Omaha.
The restaurant, The Grey Plume, was crowned by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) after they broke two GRA records. It's the first restaurant in the country to meet the association's SustainaBuild standard, and has accumulated the most GRA points to-date of the nearly 315 restaurants participating in the certification program.
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What the Pros Know 
Elle Magazine Asks Architects and designers to share their favorite options - Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Makes the Top of the List!
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Ranch House Rustic Part One - Kitchen
Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine Renovates a Ranch Style House using Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Products! 
"Designing a kitchen using reclaimed materials is a rewarding task!" - Paula Deen
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Paula Deen Magazine Ranch House Rustic Part One.pdf
Thank you Paula Deen Magazine for featuring Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Products again!

Ranch House Rustic Part Two - Living Areas
Cooking With Paula Deen Magazine Renovates a Ranch Style House using Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Products! 
"Now, welcome to the grand reveal of the dining and family rooms!" - Paula Deen
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Paula Deen Magazine Ranch House Rustic Part Two.pdf
Thank you Paula Deen Magazine for featuring Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Products again!

Grand Vision 
Kansas City Spaces Magazine August 2011 Issue published article on our recent customers new home design highlighting the Reclaimed Wood Island Top created by Elmwood Reclaimed Timber.

Chef Clayton Chapman: Turning the Entire Operation Green 
Cooking Light Magazine August 2011 Issue features our customer for having the greenest restaurant in America!
To read the full article visit: ftp/Grey Plume Article 8-22-11.pdf

Take the Floors! 
Hardwood flooring is an imperfectly perfect product of nature, each plank detailing varying grain patterns. Its beauty and easy care make it the top flooring choice for the home. Houses with hardwood sell faster than those with mostly carpet, according to Realtor surveys.
To Read Full Article Page 1: ftp/KCM-2011-Oct-09-Features-F01(1).pdf
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Last-minute party? Head to Buckley’s Wine Market & Check Out Their Countertops! 
Buckley is big on getting the design details right. The wooden barn door and countertops are from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber in Smithville, which mills wood from abandoned barns and fallen trees.
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Office Space: Calvin McElroy Manager of Warehousing & Inventory 
Kansas City Star Newspaper May 8th 2012 Features Elmwood Reclaimed Timber's Manager of Warehousing & Inventory Calvin McElroy!
Office Space: Calvin McElroy Manager of Warehousing & Inventory at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber gives Kansas City Star Readers a glimpse into his daily routine.
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Bob Vila Suggest Elmwood Reclaimed Timber As The Greatest Place for Reclaimed Wood Products! 
Bob Vila Suggest Elmwood Reclaimed Timber As The Greatest Place to Buy Superior Quality Beams, Flooring, Paneling, Stair Parts, and other building supplies that have been dismantled from old barns and buildings.
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