Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Commercial spaces are changing. More emphasis is being placed on the way that the environment impacts the user, rather than making spaces that are simply functional. This includes not only areas where ambiance is important for guest enjoyment, such as hotels and restaurants, but also in offices where employee engagement and health are being considered.


Biophilic materials including wood, have been studied for their impact on stress, memory retention, and general well being. More commercial spaces are beginning to make use of such materials to increase comfort and productivity amongst workers, as well as to increase ambiance for guests. At the same time, there’s also an increased focus on eco-friendly materials as well.


Reclaimed wood allows you to take both approaches to design at once. This environmentally friendly material can be used to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in any commercial space. Whether you’re trying to enhance the productivity of your staff, impress your clients, or enhance the atmosphere for guests, reclaimed wood is versatile enough to meet any of your needs.


10 Commercial Designs Using Reclaimed Wood


No matter what type of space you have, it’s possible to use reclaimed wood to enhance it. This antique and salvaged wood comes in many different species, tones, and finishes, allowing it to enhance a variety of styles and spaces. Whether you use a little or a lot, this versatile material fits in well with any setting. It can be used for floors, countertops, tabletops, ceilings, walls, and anywhere where you would use newer wood or other materials. Whether you’re creating a rustic vibe, or something more contemporary, it’s possible to find a salvaged wood product that will fit right in.


1. Office Conference Table



Conference tables need to make a statement and set the tone for the rest of your office space. Whether you use them solely for internal meetings, or for hosting clients, your conference table will have an impact on anyone who views it.


This reclaimed wood top, made from a blend of different wood species and tones, has a lot of appeal. The original saw marks and patina of the wood still show through from its original use, while the finish helps give it a modern, updated look. It complements both the wood in the room beyond, and the brick wall, while easily seating everyone in comfort.


2. Showroom Table Tops



Boutiques, showrooms and places where vignettes are important need to have a focus on aesthetics. In this case, the reclaimed white oak tops make a beautiful setting and background for the displays. Reclaimed oak has a unique appearance that lets it stand out without competing against the items that are displayed on it. This brings interest to the showroom, along with functionality.


3. Restaurant Bar Area



The bar is one of the biggest focal points in a restaurant or pub. It’s where people gather, wait, meet one another, or simply spend time. So, it needs to make the right statement, and provide enough interest to make it compelling as well.


This bar, made of antique oak has a beautiful two-tone finish. This, combined with the curve, and extra-thick bar top give it a substantial and contemporary vibe that is still welcoming to anyone that enters.


4. Retail Flooring



The flooring in a retail establishment is more important than many people realize. Flooring needs to match the decor of the store, while also handling the high levels of foot traffic that enter each day, preferably without requiring a lot of maintenance and upkeep.


This antique oak flooring is the perfect complement to this shoe store. It matches the decor and the type of footwear being sold, while giving people a background for their feet as they try things on and look down.


5. Restaurant Ceiling



Anyone in the restaurant business knows how important ambiance is. The style and setting of the space set the tone for the diners. No matter how good the food is, it needs a setting to match to really draw in a crowd.


This faux-box beam ceiling made of expertly fitted reclaimed wood brings a warm and homey feeling to the establishment. The wood complements the other tones in the room, and helps create the right mood for diners.


6. Retail Entrance



The displays in your windows are only one part of what draws visitors inside a retail establishment. The setting and decor also play a big role. That includes the exterior and entryway of your store, as well as what people will find inside.


This clothing store captures a lot of attention with hand hewn beams creating an archway over the entrance. The beams have the original axe marks still showing, which immediately captures the eye, and makes people want to come closer.


7. Employee Lounge



Employee lounge areas are becoming more common as employers realize the benefits of a more relaxed workspace. Designed to give employees a place to relax or a place to work in comfort, these spaces need to appear warm and welcoming to be truly functional. In this case, using reclaimed wood wall paneling helps create that atmosphere, while ensuring that the benefits of biophilic design come into play.


8. Public Seating Area



Visitors to your space may need a place to sit and rest for a few minutes as well. That’s why public seating areas and benches are so common in commercial spaces. You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable there, so things like antique wood paneling can help create that atmosphere. This bench area has a lot of warmth and interest from the wood, helping to catch the eye and encouraging people to approach.


9. Office Ceilings



The ceiling is often considered the fifth wall in interior design. Unfortunately, it is also frequently overlooked when it comes to commercial spaces. Adding antique wood ceiling panels to an office space adds instant character and interest to a room. It also helps create a warmer, more inviting atmosphere for both employees and guests.


10. Reception Areas



Reception desks are one of the first things that guests see when they enter your establishment. Whether your space is an office, a hotel, or a medical facility, your reception area needs to make an impact on people when they first arrive. Reclaimed wood like this Douglas fir, has a warm and inviting vibe that is instantly welcoming. It helps set the tone for your reception area, and brings people right in.


Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Commercial Design


Reclaimed wood has a long history and past. Taken from buildings more than 100 years old, it has a richness and patina that can’t be matched by newer materials. It’s perfect for adding to a biophilic design, and has the added benefit of being environmentally friendlier than many newer materials as well. Using reclaimed wood anywhere in your commercial space can help promote warmth and richness in the design, as well as a sense of relaxation and well being in the people that use the space.


No matter what type of commercial space you have, reclaimed wood can enhance its appearance. Visit Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to see more, and help bring the atmosphere and environment of your commercial design to the next level.