Antique Heart Pine End Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One of our most popular woods, Heart Pine is sought after for its rich gold, orange-red and pumpkin tones derived from the heart of the southern yellow pine species. Sapwood is a creamier, pinkish-tan and growth rings are dark, dense and very conspicuous. Derived from the ‘Heart’ of the southern yellow pine trunk, it is the heaviest and hardest softwood in the world and is excellent for any application.

Antique Oak End Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring

A mixture of domestic red and white American Oaks. Oak is one of the 'cornerstone' woods in North America and world-wide. The mix of the reddish orange tones of red oak complement well with the gold and light brown hues of the white oak, making this floor a classic choice.

Old Growth Hickory End Grain Wood Flooring

The sapwood is very pale and wide, with dark reddish-brown sapwood. Usually straight grained, but occasionally wavy or irregular, hickory has a somewhat coarse texture. Hickory is a very strong wood that, if treated well, will last a lifetime with minimal wear.

Old Growth Maple End Grain Wood Flooring

Hard Maple is creamy white with fine brown lines marking the growth rings on plain sawn surfaces. It is usually straight grained but often curly or wavy with an even, fine and lustrous texture that finishes smooth. Hard Maple is the wood of choice for any application where flooring will take high traffic.

Old Growth Walnut End Grain Wood Flooring

Heartwood is rich dark brown to purplish in color with lighter tan sapwood. It is usually straight grained and texture is coarse and uniform. Black Walnut is a very sought after cabinet lumber that is excellent for any interior application.

Old Growth White Oak End Grain Wood Flooring

The sapwood is lighter than the heartwood, which is a light tan to yellow-brown. White oak is usually straight grained, but can be often irregular or cross-grained. White oak has a slightly less coarse texture than red oak and has been widely used throughout history as a cornerstone wood for most any application.

SoHo Sidewalk End Grain Wood Flooring

A delightful medley of available old growth woods. May include: White Oak, Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, Sycamore, Maple and any other hardwoods.